Looking for some Valentine’s Day craft and baking inspiration for toddlers?

Here’s our round up of some fun ideas to keep little ones busy….

Valentine’s Cookie Cutter Painting

A super easy idea – kids will love it, but watch out, it’s likely to get messy!

What you need:  A plate or baking tin, some red paint, heart shaped cookie cutters and paper (oh, and possibly a wipe clean tablecloth /old newspaper to protect the table, apron and wet wipes / cloth to hand to clear up afterwards!)

Pour some red paint on to the plate or into the baking tin / tray, press the cookie cutter into the paint and then stamp the cookie cutter on to the paper to create heart shapes.

If you don’t have cookie cutters, you can press an empty loo roll into the shape of a heart and use this for the shapes 🙂

This idea comes from Handsonaswegrow.  For more pictures and details, please click here.

Here are more details on how to make a heart stamp out of a loo roll – heart stamps

Heart Fingerprint Tree

A Messy Me craft post wouldn’t be the same without a fingerprint activity.  I love this one from Easypeasyandfun…


You will need:  Paper, black / brown pen, pencil, red or pink paint or fingerprint ink (again, a wipe clean tablecloth or newspaper to protect the table, apron and wet wipes / cloth to hand to clear up afterwards could be useful!)

Draw the outline of the tree, faintly draw a heart shape around the tree outline.  Dip fingers in the paint and press into the heart shape.

Here are the full details and more pictures – Valentines Fingerprint Tree 

Symmetry Art Love Hearts

Another childhood classic, which is not only fun but also starts teaching little ones about symmetry and mirror images.

You will need:  Card or paper, scissors, paints

Fold the paper in half and cut out half a heart shape.  (By folding the paper first, the heart shape will be symmetrical) Repeat this until you have enough hearts to start painting.  Paint only one side of the heart (folding the other side behind so you can only see one side will keep the other side of the heart clean)

You can paint, stamp, finger print – make any patterns you like really.  When finished, fold the clean side of the heart over and press gently to spread the paint.

Carefully unfold your heart and leave to dry.  Once dry, the hearts could be stuck onto a card as a lovely handmade Valentine’s card 🙂

We found this idea at nurturestore.co.uk.  For full step by step instructions, please click here 

Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin

sensory bin

Sensory play is so important as little ones are growing and developing.  Sensory bins allow children to discover new textures, engage their different senses and encourage imaginary play amongst other things.  They are generally fairly easy and inexpensive to make and if you choose the right container, they don’t need to make too much mess!

Here’s how to make the one featured in the photo above – from LivingMontessoriNow.com 

There are lots of other ideas for Valentine’s Day sensory bins here


And here are some Valentine’s Day food ideas:

Emily’s Valentine’s Day Biscuits

Thanks to TheKnightTribe for trying out our aprons and the delicious recipe:  Emily’s Valentine’s Day biscuits 

Heart topped Muffin Pizzas

valentines day pizza

This is super easy – either as Valentine’s Day tea or to make with your little ones involved.  The recipe comes from EatsAmazing – Heart topped Muffin Pizzas

Heart Shaped Jammy Biscuits

heart shaped biscuits

These look delicious – like home made Jammy Dodgers… lots of fun, but probably quite messy.  An apron could be good for this one!  Here’s the recipe – Heart Shaped Jammy Biscuits

As always, our mats, aprons and oilcloth by the metre can help with the mess involved when crafting and baking with little ones.

Have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Helen x