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Useful and beautiful don’t usually go hand in hand.. Messy Me breaks all the rules though!

I trialed the Messy Me Tunic (like a bib) and also the nappy clutch bag and change mat.Both of which are in the wild rose print. Firstly these are perhaps the prettiest baby items I have aside from Amelia’s cute little baby dresses. Most of the bibs and change bags I have used are pretty ugly as a result of their utility. As such I was a little dubious as to whether these would actually be robust enough to deal with the mess that my darling daughter creates.

Let’s start with the tunic bib, my favorite item and cheap at £9.50. It’s easy to put on a squirming baby, especially as you don’t have to feed their arms through tight elasticated fabric. It is completely wipe clean due its waxy oil cloth finish. It doesn’t stain (even when I feed her the beef casserole, which even seems to stain the highchair). She seems comfortable enough in it and doesn’t tug at it like some bibs. And finally it can go in the washing machine. So you’ve guessed it, this gets a big thumbs up from me.

The clutch bag and change mat (£18.50) is cute. Really cute. Like going out before I was a mum cute! The mat is also made of the waxy fabric so really easy to wipe down and doesn’t stain. I also really like the fact that it’s a very obvious feeling when scrabbling around in the big day sack, so I always know where it is when working blind, i.e. holding Amelia with one hand, changing her with the other, finding the nappies with the other.. (yes I have three hands… or wish I did anyway). I guess the only thing I would say is that the mat is a little thin (it does say as such in the web description), so you just need to be cautious when lying baby down on it in case they bang their head if you are out and about. The clutch bag itself is stylish (especially in the wild rose print I have) and fits enough nappies and poo bags in for a day out, alongside wipes etc. I guess what I really love about it is that it doesn’t look like your average changing bag, in fact it doesn’t look like a changing bag at all.

Thanks for Holly for her lovely review.  To read Holly’s full review, please click here