Splash Mat and Tunic Review - Mommy & Mabel -
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“…All wipe clean and are available in gorgeous colours and designs, meaning – hey presto – our home can still look lovely even with Mabel’s mightiest attempts to create mess.

Messy Me’s secret is in its oilcloth, which feels incredibly soft, so is more comfortable for babies and toddlers and drapes well, meaning it catches all those pesky flying food particles.  It also has a 100% cotton base for added breathability and a lovely gloss finish, which is harder wearing and resistant to most stains.

Mabel is currently sporting her own Messy Tunic bib in a grey star design (£9.50), which perfectly matches the Messy Mat (£24) splashmat sitting under her highchair – as well as the rest of our kitchen and living room.  The muted grey looks great in our home and the functionality of both products means that while mealtimes aren’t quite mess-free, they are definitely mess-a-whole-lot-less.

Our house is forever evolving and with Mabel now its star occupier, we are finding ways to make it a home we can all grow, live and love in.  It’s small differences and products like Messy Me that help along this journey”

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