Apron, Tunic & Oilcloth Review - The Ladybirds' Adventures -
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The apron is designed for children aged 3 – 5 and is a really good fit for my eldest. She has only just turned 5 and is average height and weight. I suspect it will fit her for a while yet. It wipes clean well and the website says it can be machine washed occasionally (I’ve not tried this though).

This tunic style bib is suitable for children approximately aged 1 – 3 years. My youngest is just 2 years but bear in mind she is only 22 lbs (10 kg) and 77 cm tall. She currently wears clothes that are 9–12 months old. This tunic does fit her as you can see in these photos and there is plenty of room for growth. I love the velcro fastening that is tucked away at the back. The tunic allows my toddler to move freely but protects her clothing. Obviously, as there are no sleeves it won’t totally stop her getting wet. It does allow her to move easier and stops her from getting too hot in this weather though. I find that rolling her sleeves up does a good job of keeping her clothes clean.

We have also used the oilcloth fabric in the garden on a number of occasions. We’ve used it for a picnic rug and as a mat for messy play like play dough. My girls love play dough.

All three products were easy to wipe clean afterwards and also to dry. We love how lightweight, soft and flexible the oilcloth that messy me uses is. I love the designs too and I know that we will be using these aprons a lot for messy play, baking and painting in the future. The oilcloth fabric is now on our dining table and getting a lot of use. It’s still in perfect condition too.

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