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Dusty Blue Mini Stars – 10% Off

To celebrate the launch of our new and lovely Dusty Blue Mini Stars range, we’re offering 10% off any orders until Jan 31st.  Our high chair inserts, cushions sets for wooden high chairs such as Tripp Trapps, splashmats and tunic bibs are all available in this lovely new design.  It is also available to buy […]

Messy Trays & Sensory Boxes – Why We Love Them & Lots of Ideas

Here at Messy Me, we know how important it is to let little ones get messy from time to time.   It has been shown to have far reaching benefits when it comes to their development and education…and they usually have so much fun at the same time, which as mums we love to see. […]

Five things we love about our new High Chair Inserts

We’re really excited about our new High Chair Inserts which have arrived and are now in stock… Lots of people have been asking for these, so we’re delighted they are now available – in two of our favourite colours, with more colours and designs coming soon… Here are the five main reasons why we love […]

Baby Led Weaning – Staying Relaxed in the Early Months

I have recently listened to a really great podcast interview with Tracey Murkett, co-author of Baby Led Weaning – Helping Your Baby to Love Good Food.  One thing which really struck me was how stressed we, as mums can get about the whole weaning process.  She strongly recommends taking a very relaxed approach to weaning […]

Managing the Mess at Mealtimes

Allowing children to be messy at mealtimes can send a shiver through even the most relaxed mums and dads.  However, time and time again, research shows that allowing children to explore their food using all of their senses is likely to encourage children to be less fussy and more open to trying new foods as […]

Pros and Cons of Baby Led Weaning

With the growing trend and buzz around baby led weaning, I thought it would be worth a quick look at the pros and cons surrounding this vs. the traditional puree route.  What is baby led weaning? Baby Led Weaning (BLW) involves introducing your baby to the world of solid foods without the need for purees […]

Slippery Slime for Halloween Time

There’s nothing a toddler likes more than to squidge, squeeze, squish and slop.  Whether its water, sand, mud or food. They love the feel of different textures on their skin and they’re learning at the same time as getting messy, so it’s good to give them the opportunity as much as possible. Benefits Of Messy […]

How to encourage toddlers to feed themselves

Regardless of whether you choose to spoon feed your baby pureed delights or follow the baby led weaning approach, children will feed themselves using fingers, spoon and eventually knife and fork at varying ages. However, there is always room for encouragement! Finger Foods First stop are finger foods. Without too much consideration I fed my […]

Surviving the Summer With Messy Play

Don’t spend this summer counting down the days until the September school run, enjoy this precious time with your little ones. Even on wet weather days, with a little imagination there is so much more to be enjoyed than the ever loyal library and puddle jumping for fun. Messy play is so important in developing […]

If you go down to the woods today… picnic food for kids

A picnic is a wonderful way to spend time with your children and a fun way to encourage your little ones to try new foods. Contrary to tradition you don’t even need a sunny day! Whether you opt for a bath tub picnic on a rainy day (my youngest used to find this hilarious when […]