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Splash Mat Review – Grey Stars

Splash Mat Review – Grey Stars

Firstly, I want to mention the design.  I absolutely love the soft grey star design. I knew I’d be using it in our kitchen a lot, so this would blend in perfectly!  When opened, I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the mat, measuring at 90 x 120cm’s.  For me, this is perfect for the younger two to do crafts together and/or to place underneath Baby K’s highchair to catch any lost food!  The material is oilcloth which is super hard wearing and when folded, it’s so easy to store away and perfect to just pop away into a drawer…

We absolutely love our splash mat from Messy Me as it is so versatile!  Not only have we used it for messy play, but it’s also fantastic for Baby K’s meal times and perfect for baking (not that I’m any good!)  We either use it on our work top for cooking, or underneath K’s high chair.  I can then keep the floor clean and tidy and free of any serious food stains on the floor.

I found the mat to be soft to touch and I just love the design.  Its simple yet trendy.  I happily have it on the work top in the kitchen and it really fits in with out kitchen theme.

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Grey Stars Apron

Grey Stars Apron

My first impression was that it’s so beautifully made and of high quality material. Obviously being made of oilcloth it’s very durable and easy to wipe clean. It can be washed at 30 °C if needed, but I can’t imagine it will need washing all that often, as it’s so easy to just give it a wipe down if he does get in a mess. And you don’t just have to bake to enjoy these aprons, they would be fantastic for all sorts of baking, craft and messy play activities.

I love the simple but stylish design of the apron. I love how it’s so easy to wipe clean straight away, without the need for putting it in the wash. The apron is for children approx 3-5 years old. Tommy is a tall 2 year old and it is perfect for him.

Thanks to Leah and Tommy for the review and photos.  Check out her blog post for some recipe ideas too – please click here 

Oilcloth Review

Oilcloth Review

Having the Oilcloth table cloth means we use the dining room table so much more as a family now.

Not just for meal times but for all craft activities too. Let’s face it kids are messy enough at the best of times…….clearing up their craft and food mess is an added hassle we don’t want it need. With this though it’s wipe and go instead of pulling off an entire fabric cloth and putting in the machine.

Tunic bib and Clutch bag Review

Tunic bib and Clutch bag Review

Useful and beautiful don’t usually go hand in hand.. Messy Me breaks all the rules though!

I trialed the Messy Me Tunic (like a bib) and also the nappy clutch bag and change mat.Both of which are in the wild rose print. Firstly these are perhaps the prettiest baby items I have aside from Amelia’s cute little baby dresses. Most of the bibs and change bags I have used are pretty ugly as a result of their utility. As such I was a little dubious as to whether these would actually be robust enough to deal with the mess that my darling daughter creates.

Let’s start with the tunic bib, my favorite item and cheap at £9.50. It’s easy to put on a squirming baby, especially as you don’t have to feed their arms through tight elasticated fabric. It is completely wipe clean due its waxy oil cloth finish. It doesn’t stain (even when I feed her the beef casserole, which even seems to stain the highchair). She seems comfortable enough in it and doesn’t tug at it like some bibs. And finally it can go in the washing machine. So you’ve guessed it, this gets a big thumbs up from me.

The clutch bag and change mat (£18.50) is cute. Really cute. Like going out before I was a mum cute! The mat is also made of the waxy fabric so really easy to wipe down and doesn’t stain. I also really like the fact that it’s a very obvious feeling when scrabbling around in the big day sack, so I always know where it is when working blind, i.e. holding Amelia with one hand, changing her with the other, finding the nappies with the other.. (yes I have three hands… or wish I did anyway). I guess the only thing I would say is that the mat is a little thin (it does say as such in the web description), so you just need to be cautious when lying baby down on it in case they bang their head if you are out and about. The clutch bag itself is stylish (especially in the wild rose print I have) and fits enough nappies and poo bags in for a day out, alongside wipes etc. I guess what I really love about it is that it doesn’t look like your average changing bag, in fact it doesn’t look like a changing bag at all.

Thanks for Holly for her lovely review.  To read Holly’s full review, please click here



Ikea Antilop Cushion Review

Ikea Antilop Cushion Review

It fits perfectly in the Ikea Antilop high chair.

The design of the high chair cushion is gorgeous. It’s a beautiful vintage rose pattern, perfect for our little Primrose. The oilcloth its made out of its very hard wearing and resistant to most stains. It’s also BPA free, which is perfect.

Wipe clean which is a godsend with baby led weaning. It’s easy to clean without having to remove it from the high chair. On those occasions where mealtime has been extra messy, we’ve been able to lay it flat and completely wipe it clean. This a lot means that they are no little nooks or crannies where food can hide or get trapped.

The messy me cushion folds up fairly small, so it’s easy to take out and about with you. This is also handy as most restaurants have the Ikea high chair but if not, it does tend to fit into other styles fairly well.

She finds it very comfortable. It’s very cushioned, soft and squishy. She doesn’t make a fuss about being in the high chair, which is surprising as she’s a very fussy girl sometimes.

The cushion really supports her. I didn’t realise this until the other day when we were out and forgot to pack the high chair cushion. She wasn’t as stable as she is at home, even though she can sit up by herself, without the cushion she was very wobbly. It made me realise how much support the cushion actually gives her.

I think it’s an amazing product. Soo easy to clean, which as a parent is exactly what you want especially during mealtimes.

I’d highly recommend one to anyone who has or is planning to use the Ikea antilop high chair or other wooden high chairs.

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Oilcloth – Grey Stars Review

Oilcloth – Grey Stars Review

We have recently moved house and decorated our kitchen grey, moving our huge bespoke table in from the dining room but didn’t want it getting covered in food three times a day. It’s made of scaffolding planks, so it’s game over if food gets into the cracks between them. But it’s now protected with a Messy Me oilcloth tablecloth – grey to match my walls and I love it. When the Twins reach out and dump food on the table or smear their dirty hands all over it, I’m not stressing out or wiping every crumb off instantly.

I know it is easy to clean up at the end of the meal and is back looking stylish within seconds. It’s thin enough to fold and put away when I don’t want to be reminded of children, but looks great in my kitchen the rest of the time.

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Tunic Bib and Oilcloth by the metre review – Popitha

Tunic Bib and Oilcloth by the metre review – Popitha

Anna and the lovely Popitha twins have been testing our tunic bibs and oilcloth by the metre during their mealtimes and messy play activities.  Thank you for your lovely thoughts on our products:

The Messy Me tunics are perfect for the toddler age group. They are beautifully stylish and the oilcloth is available in a range of gorgeous designs and colours to cater for every style choice. Whether you are doing art and craft or eating breakfast, they protect your children’s clothes superbly. Messy Me is made from hardwearing oil cloth, that is easily wipe able and they can even be washed occasionally in the washing machine at 30 degrees. We love our twin tunics and they come highly recommended by The Popitha Twins.

The Messy Me oil cloth table cloth is perfect for any table big or small as it comes made to measure! There are also some fabulous designs so something for everyone’s liking. It is thin enough to simply fold away and can be stored without taking up much room. This hard-wearing oilcloth is perfect for the messiest toddler or child.  It is a hardwearing oil cloth, that is easily wipe able and they can even be washed occasionally in the washing machine at 30 degrees. We have had so many positive comments about our table cloth and it comes highly recommended by the Popitha Twins.

Anna and the Popitha twins have been busy doing some Easter craft activities – please click here to view the full post with some great Easter craft ideas and lovely photos

Splash Mat and Ikea high chair cushion review

Splash Mat and Ikea high chair cushion review

We have been trying out the products for a couple of weeks now and I love them. The prints are beautifully neutral which makes such a difference from many garish baby products and they are super easy to clean. Just wipe over with a cloth and that’s it! The mat has saved our carpet because like most babies, Freddie loves to throw his food on the floor! It is really big which is great for snack time and keeping food contained. The insert is really soft and unlike the Ikea equivalent, can be wiped clean. It has also prevented Freddie from being able to stand up in his highchair so that is an added bonus!

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A big thank you to for her lovely words about our splash mats and ikea high chair cushions and some lovely photos of Freddie.  To read Amy’s full blog, with some great weaning hacks, please click here 

Mini Cushions for Ikea Antilop

Mini Cushions for Ikea Antilop

“…with the oilcloth material that Messy Me uses, it is very easy to clean. And cleaning up is something you will quickly get used to when you get into the full throngs of weaning…

The best part about this insert, however, is the fact that it actually fits the Antilop better than the insert it comes with. This one sits just under the edges of the tray, meaning that it’s a little bit harder for your baby to get food on it in the first place. Don’t panic, they’ll still find ways to smother it in mash potato and gravy, but at least when they do, it will be much easier to clean…

When you combine the price of the Antilop and the Messy Me insert, you’re effectively looking at £39 for a very efficient, easy to clean highchair. When you put it like that, it’s extremely good value!

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The tunic bib is fantastic…

The tunic bib is fantastic…

…the first thing that hit me when I opened up the packet was how well made it was.  You can see the seams and edging have been sewn brilliantly and I have no doubt that it is a product made to last.  The fabric is so pretty and the soft dusty pink colour is girly, without being too over the top.

I decided to put it to the test at tea time and it managed to keep my little one clean.  It’s long enough to collect food dropped in her lap, which is where most of her food ends up some days.

Recently, we decided to do some sensory play and it was easy for her to wear and protected her clothes well.  I usually use long sleeved bibs, but found that, as long as Little’s sleeves were rolled up, the lack of arms wasn’t an issue

Rebecca – Little, Big and Me

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