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Apron, Tunic & Oilcloth Review – The Ladybirds’ Adventures

The apron is designed for children aged 3 – 5 and is a really good fit for my eldest. She has only just turned 5 and is average height and weight. I suspect it will fit her for a while yet. It wipes clean well and the website says it can be machine washed occasionally (I’ve not tried this though).

This tunic style bib is suitable for children approximately aged 1 – 3 years. My youngest is just 2 years but bear in mind she is only 22 lbs (10 kg) and 77 cm tall. She currently wears clothes that are 9–12 months old. This tunic does fit her as you can see in these photos and there is plenty of room for growth. I love the velcro fastening that is tucked away at the back. The tunic allows my toddler to move freely but protects her clothing. Obviously, as there are no sleeves it won’t totally stop her getting wet. It does allow her to move easier and stops her from getting too hot in this weather though. I find that rolling her sleeves up does a good job of keeping her clothes clean.

We have also used the oilcloth fabric in the garden on a number of occasions. We’ve used it for a picnic rug and as a mat for messy play like play dough. My girls love play dough.

All three products were easy to wipe clean afterwards and also to dry. We love how lightweight, soft and flexible the oilcloth that messy me uses is. I love the designs too and I know that we will be using these aprons a lot for messy play, baking and painting in the future. The oilcloth fabric is now on our dining table and getting a lot of use. It’s still in perfect condition too.

Here’s Clare’s full review and lots more pictures of fun in the garden – The Ladybirds’ Adventures 

Splash Mat Review – Sophella

The Splashmat made a perfect job out of keeping our carpet clean and dry whilst she was rolling around playing in her bubbles; and turned into what was going to be an outdoor activity, into a perfectly clean and tidy indoor activity without mess!  Soon she discovered how much mess she could make with the bubbles, but that still didn’t make a mucky of my carpet!

I absolutely love our Messy Me Splashmat, and I think it is a great accessory to have for any kind of crafts, feeding times etc. It is so versatile and allows you to keep floors, surfaces and even your garden clean no matter what your kids are doing! The oil cloth material will keep whatever’s underneath dry (oh – and the patterns available are super cute!)

Here’s the link to read Laura’s full review and see more photos of Sophie and her bubble fun – Sophella 

Grey Splash Mat Review – Em&Me

“…The Messy Mat we were sent is grey with a lovely star print on it. This fits in so well with our other grey accessories in our home and is just gorgeous. It folds away quite small so is easy to tidy away when finished. We just store ours on the breakfast bar for now as we have it out every single day. The Messy Mat can also be placed underneath the highchair to catch any food that Emily drops. Her latest game is to tip her bowl of (dry) cheerios out straight over the side of the high chair and watch them fall. However, now I can just scoop them back up into her bowl knowing that the mat is clean and fine for her to eat off.

The Messy Mat really has become a staple item in our home. We use it every single day whether for messy play or using as an easy clean up under Emily’s high chair. I know we will use it well into the future too as I imagine it would make a really good sized table cloth to protect surfaces for craft activities when she is older. I think the mat would make a perfect base for play dough as it would be easy to clean up and far less likely to get stuck in the carpet. You really could use this in many different ways so every home should have one!”

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Splash Mat and Tunic Review – Mommy & Mabel

“…All wipe clean and are available in gorgeous colours and designs, meaning – hey presto – our home can still look lovely even with Mabel’s mightiest attempts to create mess.

Messy Me’s secret is in its oilcloth, which feels incredibly soft, so is more comfortable for babies and toddlers and drapes well, meaning it catches all those pesky flying food particles.  It also has a 100% cotton base for added breathability and a lovely gloss finish, which is harder wearing and resistant to most stains.

Mabel is currently sporting her own Messy Tunic bib in a grey star design (£9.50), which perfectly matches the Messy Mat (£24) splashmat sitting under her highchair – as well as the rest of our kitchen and living room.  The muted grey looks great in our home and the functionality of both products means that while mealtimes aren’t quite mess-free, they are definitely mess-a-whole-lot-less.

Our house is forever evolving and with Mabel now its star occupier, we are finding ways to make it a home we can all grow, live and love in.  It’s small differences and products like Messy Me that help along this journey”

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Tunic Bib – Red Stars

“it’s super cute, oilcloth, easy to clean and can be used for mealtimes and messy play. It’s my absolute favourite we even take it to our weekly playgroup because my OCD won’t allow myself or my child to touch the ones at playgroup…”  Raga @parentinginbritain

Splash Mat Review – Navy Stars

“…a godsend; no more scrubbing the floors to remove crusty purée and yogurt, you just give the mat a wipe with a damp cloth and voila the mess has gone!  I chose the Navy Stars design which has white stars on a navy background and is very pretty.  Measuring at 90 x 120cms it is large enough to protect your floor from food flingage but small enough that it can be easily folded and stored away in a drawer or if you are travelling somewhere…

In my opinion I think that the Messy Mat is something really worth having, it saves so much time tidying up after they have eaten as no need to take the vacuum out to hoover up the crumbs, just shake the mat into your bin and give it a wipe with a damp cloth.  Also any spillages on the mat will just disappear with a quick wipe.  It folds up well so I just chuck it into my changing mat when we are visiting the grandparents as no-one wants rice cakes, fruit, veg, etc trampled into their carpet/rug.

For Dee’s full review and more pictures, please click here

Ikea High Chair Cushion – Navy Stars

“…a gorgeous navy blue insert covered in white stars.  It is so pretty, I love the colour of it.  The fabric is oilcloth, which is wipe clean so it’s easy to clean up after a messy dinner (of which we have plenty!) I love the design of the cushion.  It’s not just a back and two sides, it also has a bottom for Henry to sit on.  I think this is nice because it gives his bottom a little padding, as well as his back.

The size of the cushion is perfect – it’s big enough to keep him safely cocooned in his seat, but small enough that he’s not squished.  I think this is the perfect insert for growing babies – with Alfie he only used the IKEA insert for about a month as he was so big but I was always worried he was uncomfortable!  Henry is a bit smaller but I can see this insert lasting him until he outgrows the highchair!

The one thing I hated about the IKEA insert is how hard it is to clean.  Both my kids are VERY messy when it comes to eating, which has never bothered me, I’m happy to see them enjoy their food. But it does mean the highchair gets covered in food, and with the IKEA insert being cotton fabric, it basically needs to go in the washing machine when it’s dirty.  I had two, but there were still times that we had no insert to use because the cover was in the wash.

The Messy Me insert has been a game changer in that respect.  I can just wipe it down with a damp cloth or baby wipe, and it’s spotlessly clean again.  Even tough stains have been no match for the messy me insert!  You do have to be careful with some foods. Whilst the oilcloth is pretty tough, it’s not foolproof – tomato, black/blueberries and carrot have been known to stain if you’re not quick enough with cleaning.  A few of our white stars are now a faint shade of orange, however it’s not really noticeable and it doesn’t affect the use or look of the insert at all.

Overall, we love the Messy Me highchair insert. It does the job more than well, is comfortable and easy to clean and also looks great. I would highly recommend this product for babies who are weaning, and beyond!”

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Clutch Bag Review

Made of oil cloth it’s easy to clean and the perfect size. It fits travel wipes, a couple of nappies and there’s still space for a dummy, nappy cream or my current favourite – teething gel!

I love that it’s so neat and compact, now that Jasmine is 9 months old we brought a stroller it’s it’s much easier for nipping out to the shops or holidays away as it folds so small, the new stroller has a much smaller compartment underneath, so my regular nappy bag won’t fit – so the nappy clutch is perfect!

It also has a matching changing mat because, let’s face it, public changing tables aren’t the most hygienic. They come in various patterns. I chose ‘wild rose’ as I thought it was classic, pretty and matched the buggy. I love that it has a velcro fastener as I can open and close it with one hand whilst sorting Jasmine with the other.

I’d really recommend getting a nappy clutch for all of these reasons it a perfect little gem I’d never have thought to purchase before I had Jasmine but post Jasmine it makes my day a little bit easier!

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Mat and Tunic Bib Review – Grey Stars

All wipe clean and are available in gorgeous colours and designs, meaning – hey presto – our home can still look lovely even with Mabel’s mightiest attempts to create mess.

Messy Me’s secret is in its oilcloth, which feels incredibly soft, so is more comfortable for babies and toddlers and drapes well, meaning it catches all those pesky flying food particles.  It also has a 100% cotton base for added breathability and a lovely gloss finish, which is harder wearing and resistant to most stains.

Mabel is currently sporting her own Messy Tunic bib in a grey star design (£9.50), which perfectly matches the Messy Mat (£24) splashmat sitting under her highchair – as well as the rest of our kitchen and living room.  The muted grey looks great in our home and the functionality of both products means that while mealtimes aren’t quite mess-free, they are definitely mess-a-whole-lot-less.

Our house is forever evolving and with Mabel now its star occupier, we are finding ways to make it a home we can all grow, live and love in.  It’s small differences and products like Messy Me that help along this journey.

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Tunic Bib Review

As they were both happy to wear the bibs, we now use them at every meal time. It’s fab for wiping up spilt milk each morning, Oscar likes to drink from his bowl! I can wipe clean everything from beans to yogurt, this is one happy mummy!

More recently we even took them out with us when we went out for our lunch. As I’ve said, usually I would have had to battle with them to put on their bibs to keep their clothes clean but they really do like wearing them. As we ordered the food, we popped the bibs on. The best thing was as we finished our food, we don’t have to carry home dirty bibs. A quick wipe and there ready to use again later in the day.

Thanks to Rachel for her review and photos – please click here to read Rachel’s full review and see more photos

Splash Mat Review – Grey Stars

Firstly, I want to mention the design.  I absolutely love the soft grey star design. I knew I’d be using it in our kitchen a lot, so this would blend in perfectly!  When opened, I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the mat, measuring at 90 x 120cm’s.  For me, this is perfect for the younger two to do crafts together and/or to place underneath Baby K’s highchair to catch any lost food!  The material is oilcloth which is super hard wearing and when folded, it’s so easy to store away and perfect to just pop away into a drawer…

We absolutely love our splash mat from Messy Me as it is so versatile!  Not only have we used it for messy play, but it’s also fantastic for Baby K’s meal times and perfect for baking (not that I’m any good!)  We either use it on our work top for cooking, or underneath K’s high chair.  I can then keep the floor clean and tidy and free of any serious food stains on the floor.

I found the mat to be soft to touch and I just love the design.  Its simple yet trendy.  I happily have it on the work top in the kitchen and it really fits in with out kitchen theme.

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Grey Stars Apron

My first impression was that it’s so beautifully made and of high quality material. Obviously being made of oilcloth it’s very durable and easy to wipe clean. It can be washed at 30 °C if needed, but I can’t imagine it will need washing all that often, as it’s so easy to just give it a wipe down if he does get in a mess. And you don’t just have to bake to enjoy these aprons, they would be fantastic for all sorts of baking, craft and messy play activities.

I love the simple but stylish design of the apron. I love how it’s so easy to wipe clean straight away, without the need for putting it in the wash. The apron is for children approx 3-5 years old. Tommy is a tall 2 year old and it is perfect for him.

Thanks to Leah and Tommy for the review and photos.  Check out her blog post for some recipe ideas too – please click here 

Oilcloth Review

Having the Oilcloth table cloth means we use the dining room table so much more as a family now.

Not just for meal times but for all craft activities too. Let’s face it kids are messy enough at the best of times…….clearing up their craft and food mess is an added hassle we don’t want it need. With this though it’s wipe and go instead of pulling off an entire fabric cloth and putting in the machine.

Tunic bib and Clutch bag Review

Useful and beautiful don’t usually go hand in hand.. Messy Me breaks all the rules though!

I trialed the Messy Me Tunic (like a bib) and also the nappy clutch bag and change mat.Both of which are in the wild rose print. Firstly these are perhaps the prettiest baby items I have aside from Amelia’s cute little baby dresses. Most of the bibs and change bags I have used are pretty ugly as a result of their utility. As such I was a little dubious as to whether these would actually be robust enough to deal with the mess that my darling daughter creates.

Let’s start with the tunic bib, my favorite item and cheap at £9.50. It’s easy to put on a squirming baby, especially as you don’t have to feed their arms through tight elasticated fabric. It is completely wipe clean due its waxy oil cloth finish. It doesn’t stain (even when I feed her the beef casserole, which even seems to stain the highchair). She seems comfortable enough in it and doesn’t tug at it like some bibs. And finally it can go in the washing machine. So you’ve guessed it, this gets a big thumbs up from me.

The clutch bag and change mat (£18.50) is cute. Really cute. Like going out before I was a mum cute! The mat is also made of the waxy fabric so really easy to wipe down and doesn’t stain. I also really like the fact that it’s a very obvious feeling when scrabbling around in the big day sack, so I always know where it is when working blind, i.e. holding Amelia with one hand, changing her with the other, finding the nappies with the other.. (yes I have three hands… or wish I did anyway). I guess the only thing I would say is that the mat is a little thin (it does say as such in the web description), so you just need to be cautious when lying baby down on it in case they bang their head if you are out and about. The clutch bag itself is stylish (especially in the wild rose print I have) and fits enough nappies and poo bags in for a day out, alongside wipes etc. I guess what I really love about it is that it doesn’t look like your average changing bag, in fact it doesn’t look like a changing bag at all.

Thanks for Holly for her lovely review.  To read Holly’s full review, please click here



Ikea Antilop Cushion Review

It fits perfectly in the Ikea Antilop high chair.

The design of the high chair cushion is gorgeous. It’s a beautiful vintage rose pattern, perfect for our little Primrose. The oilcloth its made out of its very hard wearing and resistant to most stains. It’s also BPA free, which is perfect.

Wipe clean which is a godsend with baby led weaning. It’s easy to clean without having to remove it from the high chair. On those occasions where mealtime has been extra messy, we’ve been able to lay it flat and completely wipe it clean. This a lot means that they are no little nooks or crannies where food can hide or get trapped.

The messy me cushion folds up fairly small, so it’s easy to take out and about with you. This is also handy as most restaurants have the Ikea high chair but if not, it does tend to fit into other styles fairly well.

She finds it very comfortable. It’s very cushioned, soft and squishy. She doesn’t make a fuss about being in the high chair, which is surprising as she’s a very fussy girl sometimes.

The cushion really supports her. I didn’t realise this until the other day when we were out and forgot to pack the high chair cushion. She wasn’t as stable as she is at home, even though she can sit up by herself, without the cushion she was very wobbly. It made me realise how much support the cushion actually gives her.

I think it’s an amazing product. Soo easy to clean, which as a parent is exactly what you want especially during mealtimes.

I’d highly recommend one to anyone who has or is planning to use the Ikea antilop high chair or other wooden high chairs.

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Oilcloth – Grey Stars Review

We have recently moved house and decorated our kitchen grey, moving our huge bespoke table in from the dining room but didn’t want it getting covered in food three times a day. It’s made of scaffolding planks, so it’s game over if food gets into the cracks between them. But it’s now protected with a Messy Me oilcloth tablecloth – grey to match my walls and I love it. When the Twins reach out and dump food on the table or smear their dirty hands all over it, I’m not stressing out or wiping every crumb off instantly.

I know it is easy to clean up at the end of the meal and is back looking stylish within seconds. It’s thin enough to fold and put away when I don’t want to be reminded of children, but looks great in my kitchen the rest of the time.

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Tunic Bib and Oilcloth by the metre review – Popitha

Anna and the lovely Popitha twins have been testing our tunic bibs and oilcloth by the metre during their mealtimes and messy play activities.  Thank you for your lovely thoughts on our products:

The Messy Me tunics are perfect for the toddler age group. They are beautifully stylish and the oilcloth is available in a range of gorgeous designs and colours to cater for every style choice. Whether you are doing art and craft or eating breakfast, they protect your children’s clothes superbly. Messy Me is made from hardwearing oil cloth, that is easily wipe able and they can even be washed occasionally in the washing machine at 30 degrees. We love our twin tunics and they come highly recommended by The Popitha Twins.

The Messy Me oil cloth table cloth is perfect for any table big or small as it comes made to measure! There are also some fabulous designs so something for everyone’s liking. It is thin enough to simply fold away and can be stored without taking up much room. This hard-wearing oilcloth is perfect for the messiest toddler or child.  It is a hardwearing oil cloth, that is easily wipe able and they can even be washed occasionally in the washing machine at 30 degrees. We have had so many positive comments about our table cloth and it comes highly recommended by the Popitha Twins.

Anna and the Popitha twins have been busy doing some Easter craft activities – please click here to view the full post with some great Easter craft ideas and lovely photos

Splash Mat and Ikea high chair cushion review

We have been trying out the products for a couple of weeks now and I love them. The prints are beautifully neutral which makes such a difference from many garish baby products and they are super easy to clean. Just wipe over with a cloth and that’s it! The mat has saved our carpet because like most babies, Freddie loves to throw his food on the floor! It is really big which is great for snack time and keeping food contained. The insert is really soft and unlike the Ikea equivalent, can be wiped clean. It has also prevented Freddie from being able to stand up in his highchair so that is an added bonus!

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A big thank you to for her lovely words about our splash mats and ikea high chair cushions and some lovely photos of Freddie.  To read Amy’s full blog, with some great weaning hacks, please click here 

Mini Cushions for Ikea Antilop

“…with the oilcloth material that Messy Me uses, it is very easy to clean. And cleaning up is something you will quickly get used to when you get into the full throngs of weaning…

The best part about this insert, however, is the fact that it actually fits the Antilop better than the insert it comes with. This one sits just under the edges of the tray, meaning that it’s a little bit harder for your baby to get food on it in the first place. Don’t panic, they’ll still find ways to smother it in mash potato and gravy, but at least when they do, it will be much easier to clean…

When you combine the price of the Antilop and the Messy Me insert, you’re effectively looking at £39 for a very efficient, easy to clean highchair. When you put it like that, it’s extremely good value!

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The tunic bib is fantastic…

…the first thing that hit me when I opened up the packet was how well made it was.  You can see the seams and edging have been sewn brilliantly and I have no doubt that it is a product made to last.  The fabric is so pretty and the soft dusty pink colour is girly, without being too over the top.

I decided to put it to the test at tea time and it managed to keep my little one clean.  It’s long enough to collect food dropped in her lap, which is where most of her food ends up some days.

Recently, we decided to do some sensory play and it was easy for her to wear and protected her clothes well.  I usually use long sleeved bibs, but found that, as long as Little’s sleeves were rolled up, the lack of arms wasn’t an issue

Rebecca – Little, Big and Me

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Aprons – Pastel Roses & Grey Star

We were so pleased when Messy Me offered to send us these beautiful oilcloth aprons for the three of them.  They are beautifully and well made, durable and obviously being made of oilcloth, they are wipe clean – perfect for all types of baking, messy play and craft.

The kids put their Messy Me aprons properly to the test helping to make a Victoria Sponge.  They were not impressed with the sponge that sank (I have never claimed to be able to bake in my defence) but we were so impressed with the aprons.  Even though they managed to get covered in sponge mix, egg (don’t ask!) and jam, the aprons covered them well and when we had finished, a quick wipe and they were good as new.  They were also perfect for helping with the washing up afterwards.

The aprons are stylish, practical and can even be machine washed at 30 C if needed.  They are recommended for children aged 3-5 but Izzie is (a small) 7 and a half and hers fitted comfortably…

Gemma, Somewhere After the Rainbow

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Splash Mat – Navy Stars

I was really impressed with the splash mat as it is really light weight and easy to put on the floor.  I love the fact it is simple to fold away and can be stored without taking up much room at all.  This beautiful, hard wearing oilcloth is a lovely size and covers a great range of space as it’s 90 x 120cms in area.  It sits lovely and flat on the floor so you don’t need to worry about tripping over the corners which if you’re a little bit clumsy like me, is perfect!

Whilst we don’t currently have a high chair we’ve found it easier to feed Mia in her chair at the moment.  The mat keeps the chair from moving when Mia tries to push against the tray!  Mia does have a habit of dropping food so I love the fact you can easily pick it up knowing it’s clean and safe to eat, rather than falling on the floor and needing to throw away food.  It is so easy to clean with a quick wipe (I use Dettol wipes) and has such a lovely quality feel to it which I feel will last us a long time.

You don’t need to use the mat just for feeding as it is so versatile.  It makes for a great play mat as Mia found as she’s starting to sit up so the added grip helps her.  You could easily take it out for picnics in the park (when the weather is warmer again)

I would highly recommend this product to fellow parents as this splash mat is hard wearing, great quality in weight and design and is super easy to clean and keep your floor safe from the mess created when feeding


**  I have received this Splash Mat free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and photos are my own.

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Splash mat Review

I was very impresssed with the splash mat when I first opened it.  I was pleased to see it folded up quite small (thinking of storage for when it’s not in use!) and it felt very good quality.  I have found the splash mat very useful and is used on a daily basis… I have used it under the high chair and under the messy play tray.  It has successfully protected my floor from food, spilt juice and paint.  The spillages are easily cleaned up due to its wipe clean nature.  I think the quality is excellent.  It is heavy enough the the edges lay flat on the floor and has not been a risk for tripping over.  It folds up neatly and is compact for when its not being used…Due to the quality of this splash mat I feel this product will last a long time and so offers good value for money.   I would recommend this product to friends, family and fellow childminders.  Overall this product is a very strong 5 out of 5.  This splash mat is hard wearing, easy to clean and protects floors really well.  Katie, product tester and mum to Harry, aged 1

Grey Cushion Insert Review

All it took to get it into place was unclipping the high chair straps and slotting it into the chair.  The sides and the base of the insert are only joined by the piece of elastic so I could slot the waist strap in between them in order to keep our little one secure in the seat.  It was fitted in seconds – meaning it can also be removed in seconds to allow for wiping it clean.

Whilst easy to wipe clean, the oilcloth is still beautifully soft and, in combination with the padding, makes for a comfortable position for your little one, unlike some of the harder, more plasticised cushions on the market.

We found that the insert was slightly too high for the chair that we have, but that wasn’t an issue.  If anything it prevented any knows when the inevitable ‘head throw back’ move happened

At £25 it’s not cheap, in fact, it’s double the price of the East Coast version at John Lewis.  However, in the name of reviewing, we took a look at the others out there. The softness, the level of padding, even the available designs from Messy Me are superior to others that we found.  In particular, these were the only ones that I felt really offered proper comfort as opposed to just a little extra padding (Hayley – Devon Mama)

Splash Mat

“Bought this to put over my new Quartz countertop island when my little one is drawing or kids doing homework.  Subtle enough to be used as a table cover and not a garish messy mat with characters on!  It’s a nice sized mat and subtle colours, happy with purchase.  Arrived fast and is excellent quality, just the right thickness and not slippy like my old mat”

Tunic Bib

“Accepted when other bibs have not been, easy to put on and fasten.  Does take some stains but easy to clean”

High Chair Cushions

“I love this high chair cover.  It’s well made, fits out Tripp Trapp perfectly and is so easy to keep clean.  Much better than the fabric cover I used to use”

Splash Mat

Top quality.  Long lasting.  The best quality on the market.  This is the only strong mat on the market.  I’ve been using the cheaper version Fisher Price and to be honest, they were broken very fast.  This one is different, strong material which stays longer and in great condition.  Since 1 month did not break yet and looks like new, so this is a good sign.  I would recommend to pay once (quite a lot £25! for the piece of material) but you will have for longer and you will not need to buy a new one in a few weeks.

Absolutely great quality and strong, and nice design, not boring animals.  The best choice on the market.

High Chair Cushions

I love it.  Goes perfectly with our decor.  Easy to fit on chair.  Easy to clean.  Prompt delivery.

High Chair Insert

By far the cutest and easiest high chair insert I’ve used!

Splash Mat Review

The Messy Mat is so versatile and isn’t just for putting under the high chair…Having the mat on the floor did make the clean up after meal times so much quicker.  As I could shake it outside for the birdies to have her left overs, wipe it down and it’s ready for another day….The one thing I would say is to make sure to let it dry before putting it away as it can smell a little.  This isn’t just this messy mat, it’s all products of this type.

The fab thing with doing messy play with the mat is if you don’t have time to clean it all up, you don’t have to worry about it – just clean the mat when you get the chance.  I have been known to put ours on the washing line outside until I have the chance to clean it properly….(The oilcloth is resistant to most stains – however, the longer you leave food or paint on it, the more likely it is to stain)  It’s so easy to clean, I just simply wiped it over with a baby wipe and the paint came straight off… 

Messy Me Note:    Our oilcloth is resistant to most stains – however, we do recommend you wipe the oilcloth as soon as possible after use to minimise staining.  

Splash Mat Review

We loved the teal colour with stars.  This oilcloth mat is 90 x 120 cams and is perfect for our daily use…We decided to have a pizza party picnic on the living room floor.  It was large enough for daughter and sone to eat their lunch on.  Once lunch was done, I simply wiped with a damp cloth= and put away for the next messy activity.

She spent several hours playing with melting ice, play dough and stickers with Little Brother.  The mat kept my wooden floor from getting soaked with water.  Also the play dough did not stick to the mat so it was easy to clean up.  The edges are accurately sewed and the oilcloth is high quality.

Mini Changing Bag Review

‘Holly is now twenty one months and I don’t need to carry around that much for her now… Most of the time all i need to take are just nappies, wipes and a drink and I don’t need a big bag for just that… I chose the Dusty Rose colour.  What I instantly liked was the oilcloth material is soft, wipeable and made to a high standard.  It comes with its own unpadded mini changing mat which matches the bag.

We like to walk to our local park and it’s lovely to be able to pop the Messy Clutch bag and a couple of drinks in the basket of the pushchair and we are off.  Even better than that, it’s small enough to fit inside my own normal bag, yes a normal bag – remember them?!  I get quite excited about using my own bags and just popping my Messy Clutch bag inside.’

Splash Mat Review

‘The splash mat is made from high quality oilcloth and is therefore waterproof and washable… The mat is a generous size and is perfect for both messy craft sessions and mucky mealtimes.  Over the last few weeks, we have really put our splash mat to the test – here are some of the things it has endured:

Playdoh, spaghetti hoops, glitter, PVA glue, paint, cake mix, 3 picnicking toddlers…

After each messy event, I have simply been able to shake the mat, wipe it clean, fold it up and store it for next time.  It is such a handy thing to have, it has come with use to friends’ houses so Ted can eat without ruining their floors… It folds up small enough to fit in your nappy bag and can be used for so many things – tablecloth, picnic blanket, floor protector and even play mat.   We’ve even used the mat to protect the floor from a bit of DIY so I can confirm that it can withstand housebrick dust – it went in the washing machine after this escapade and came out shiny and new!

We love our messy mat and use it daily – it makes it so much easier to have messy fun without having to worry about cleaning it all up.  A great solution to messy life with babies and toddlers, I would highly recommend this product to parents everywhere!’

High Chair Cushions Review

‘the cushions provide comfort for little backs and bottoms while catching a lot of the crumbs and dribbles on the seat that can then be easily wiped clean afterwards.

My only concern… was that we don’t have Tripp Trapp – we have the broadly similar but considerably cheaper Hauck Alpha +.  It’s a doddle to fit the cushions though, and the seat one fits perfectly, secured with buckle straps underneath the chair.  The back rest of the Alpha is a slightly different shape to the Tripp Trapp, with a curved bit at the top, so the back cushion doesn’t fit as snugly as it might do on the straight Tripp Trapp but it’s easily held in place by velcro and certainly does the job very nicely.  It does have a tendency to slide to the side if Jake turns around in the chair but the important thing is that it keeps him comfy and doesn’t get dirty, and it looks lovely at the dining table too.  They seem pretty hard wearing as well so they will see us through many messy mealtimes to come’

Red Stars Apron Review

We discovered it was not only great for painting…but also playing with playdoh.. building with kinetic sand and for making biscuits.  He made a mess of the apron during every activity and it wiped clean straight away with a damp cloth or a baby wipe.  Even the paint didn’t take any scrubbing, which is usually the case.  It’s great that this apron can occasionally be stuck in the machine for more stubborn stains, but I actually don’t think it will ever need to be.

Regarding fastening, the apron just slips over the head and the waist is fastened by tying, but I think it is most suitable for an adult to do.  The apron fits both of the boys with plenty of room and I think it will fit Jacob (4) for a good couple of years so is definitely worth the cost as you are getting great value for money.  Noah is just under the given age range but it fits him nicely too (he is big for his age though).  Usually Noah will try to take an apron or covering off but he didn’t with this, so it must be comfortable to wear too.  We love this apron so much that I think I may just buy another one so the boys don’t argue over it!  (Stacey, mum to boys aged 2 & 4)

Vintage Floral Apron

The apron has a pretty floral pattern on it which Emily loved.  It is made from oilcloth, but unlike others that I have had experience of, the oilcloth from Messy Me doesn’t have that ‘chemically’ smell on it.    It is reassuring to know that their oilcloth is phthalate free and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.  The material is really soft for oilcloth, and has a glossy stain resistant surface which easily wipes clean.  The only slightly annoying thing about the apron is that the strap that goes over the head is a bit longer than it needs to be for my almost 3 year old, and I would have liked to be able to adjust this.  However, once Emily had got it on, she didn’t want to take it off!….The Messy Me apron protected Emily’s clothes really well during baking.  I should have probably got her to wear it whist she ate, as she got herself covered in soup!

Emily loves her Messy Me apron, and it will get used a lot more in the future for more baking and crafts.  I was impressed by the quality of their oilcloth, and I wouldn’t hesitate to have bought their bibs, high chair covers and splashmats if I were weaning a child.  (Karen – mum to girls aged 4 and 2)

Messy Mat – Dusty Rose

“Everyone warned up that weaning would be a messy business, but I didn’t expect it to be quite this messy!….like most parents with a weaning child we needed some way of protecting our house.  Messy Me have a beautiful range of oilcloth Messy Mats that are the perfect size to protect your floor but not take over the whole kitchen.  I love their range of designs which are based around stars and florals.

The Messy Mat (90 x 120cm) we found was the perfect size to catch all of Isabella’s drops of purees, spoons, cups and bowls.  I also found that the Messy Mat worked really well as a craft / play activities mat too….It’s easy to wipe clean, I’ve even been known to use a baby wipe (their uses are endless) and can also be machine washed if there’s a lot of mess…this would also be ideal as a waterproof, wipeable mat to sit on while enjoying a picnic…”  Helen, mum to Isabella, 14 months

Apron – Olive Grey

The apron is made from oilcloth so it’s wipe clean and waterproof which is perfect for little ones, especially if they are like Oliver and want to wash their own hands at the sink.  It protected his clothes from the mess really well (when I remembered to pull up his sleeves) and he gets excited about putting it on.

Oliver is quite small for his age at just about 3 years old and it is a bit long but I tied it up through the neck; it stayed on fine and was still comfortable for him.  The oilcloth is really soft so there was no worry about it rubbing on his neck or restricting his movement.  All in all the sizing is just what you need when buying for a little one as there is still plenty of growing room and I expect this apron to last a good couple of years, if not more.

Splash mat Review

‘We’ve been trialling the messy mat from Messy-Me and it’s been fantastic.  it’s the perfect size to use under the highchair to catch all the food that gets dropped / flung and it’s so easy to wipe clean that it makes tidying up after dinner that much easier.

As well as using it under the high chair, we’ve used it to have indoor picnics to avoid food being squashed into the carpet but more than this, it also works brilliantly as a craft mat too…having somewhere we can get a little messy without worrying about the end result is brilliant.  The mat itself is made from oilcloth and folds up when not in use.  We got the Olive Grey with star design and it’s fab’

Cushions for Wooden High Chairs

“I still absolutely love it (Tripp Trapp) but have made one change this time round and that’s the cushions.  The fabric Stokke cushions we had were nice and cushioned but a pain to wash all the time and the baby set had to be taken off to remove them (which I found really hard to do!)  I was looking for something that could be wiped down and came across Messy Me which sells oilcloth cushions and floor mats designed to be easily wiped clean after use.  The padded seat cushion is secured by two buckles under the seat and the padded back rest is fastened by velcro.  The fit is really secure and goes directly over the plastic baby set on the high chair.

I’ve had them on just over a month now and they still look brand new and are a dream to clean! At just £28 per set, I think they are extremely good value for money (the Stokke fabric sets retail for £33).  Their customer service is brilliant and they have a range of designs to choose from, along with matching bibs, tunics, mats and aprons…”

Nappy Clutch Bag – Review

I hoped it would be useful because I’m always carrying around a big bag and yet can never find wet wipes or nappies when I need them….When it arrived the first thing I was struck by was how soft the material is, the oilcloth is clearly high quality and the product is well made and easy to keep clean.  It is the perfect size for a couple of nappies, a pack of wet wipes and nappy bags.  My only initial reservation was the size of the nappy changing mat as it is quite small and not really adequate for my one year old… it’s quite small and doesn’t provide any padding…

I have been using the Nappy Clutch Bag now for over a month and it has come in really useful, everywhere I go, people have commented on how handy and durable it looks.  It is great to have in my bag so I can easily put my hands on wet wipes and and nappies in those everyday mothering emergencies; no more frantically searching for wet wipes when my 3 year old is covered in chocolate and heading for the furniture.

As the month has gone on and I have used the changing bag more, my initial concerns about the size (of the mat) have proved irrelevant.  It is still big enough to fit her bum on which is all you really need when you’re out and about.  If it was any thicker then I wouldn’t be able to fit it so neatly in my bag.  I have used it at friend’s houses, in the park, in the car, in playgroups and even in places where public changing facilities are provided (I have put the mat on the top of the changing area, at least I know then it is clean)

The clutch bag has also proven big enough to put my phone and keys in.  On those occasions when I am popping out and don’t want to carry  my bag with the kitchen sink inside, it’s useful to grab and run – safe in the knowledge I have the essentials.  I don’t use a buggy because I carry my baby in a carrier, but if I did, it would fit perfectly underneath.

Messy Apron review

“The apron has soft cotton ties and fits Little N really well. He loves it and is so proud of it! We’ve not had to machine wash it yet as everything we’ve used it for – painting, sticking, cloud dough – has just wiped off without leaving any marks.” 

Tunic Bib Review

‘a tunic that babies up to toddlers can wear.  They are super cute too…they are easy to clean and you can put them in the washing machine on a low heat…They are a good length, so it pretty much covers most of the clothing and it is not too tight, so kiddies can actually run around still wearing them.  It’s fantastic quality and they are five star in making so I’m sure it will last.  The stitching is perfect which makes the whole tunic well worth the money’

Mini Changing Bag Review

The clutch bag is a lovely bright navy blue with big white stars on it.  It’s one of my favourite designs as it’s so simple yet striking.  I immediately filled the clutch bag with the essentials – some nappy bags, 2 pull ups, a new packet of wipes , the mini mat that comes with the bag and Mia’s dummy clip.  In fact I could have fitted a few more bits inside, it’s a brilliant size.  The bag has a Velcro strip to close it so you can open it quickly and easily if needed….the clutch bag fits really neatly into my handbag – I do carry a larger handbag than I did pre-Mia, but I would say it’s an average size for any woman so I’m confident the clutch bag would fit in most handbags.  The clutch bag is made from a really hand wipe clean oilcloth so if there are any spillages or issues then they can be easily wiped up and won’t ruin the bag.  The mini mat that comes with the bag matches in colour and is made from the same wipe clean oilcloth material.  It is a good size and although it is too small for Mia at her age, it’s is perfect for babies and young children.  However, saying that, I will definitely use it for emergencies when I’m out and about with Mia – as I find that now Mia’s too big for changing tables, I end up standing her on the toilet floor to change her, which isn’t always convenient or clean!”  Becca, mum to Mia aged 2.

Splashmat Review

We primarily use ours for play doh and painting.  Having old wooden floors in the house which have grains in, the worst think that can happen is for playdoh to be wedged in and you have to spend the next hour trying to unpick it out of the floor!!  So when the Messy mat arrived we thought a playdoh session would be the way forward.  This equalled a happy toddler as Mummy didn’t spend forever saying ‘Keep it on the tray’, ‘be careful of the floor’. Erin played happily on the mat which to my delight wasn’t slippy on the floor like other products I had used in the past….We finished playing and I picked up the mat once all of the big pieces of playdoh were back in the pots and shook it outside, it easily came off the mat and didn’t leave a greasy substance which I expected.  I spray some antibacterial spray and wiped clean, it even air dried in a matter of minutes and folded up small enough to put away in a drawer.  We loved everything about this mat, the size, the ease of use, the colour and the fact it folds away.  A definite recommendation from us.  (Glossy Tots – Faye, mum to Erin aged 3)

Splashmat Review

“The Messy Mat is such a simple yet genius idea.  The hard wearing oilcloth mat folds up nicely so is easily transportable…I tend to just wipe it over with a wet wipe once Aria has finished eating/throwing food.  Measuring 90x120cm it covers a larger area than Aria can throw, meaning that it does catch every bit of food.

I absolutely love this mat.  It came in handy on our recent cottage holiday as it meant I didn’t have to worry as much about her making a mess of the beautiful wood flooring.  I allowed her to make as much mess as she wanted and then just shook the mat above the bin and wiped it over with a wet wipe…

As well as being used under a baby’s chair during mealtimes, the Messy Mat would make a great picnic blanket or floor protector during messy playtimes”

Mini Changing Bag – Review

“If you’re looking for a small nappy bag, it’s ideal.  It’s a great way to travel a bit lighter…it’s the on the go answer to your usual bulky changing bag…Theo and I go a lot to local coffee mornings, baby groups and quick trips to the shops where this has been the ideal solution

There’s a clutch pouch and fold out changing mat in a wipe clean oilcloth material.  I really liked this, because not only is it stylish, but it also fends off any messy disasters…It’s very thin and lightweight, which is brilliant for portability and it gives you something to pop over those fold down changing tables.

Out of all the nappy changing bags I’ve come across, the clutch changing bag is a genius idea…Instead of chucking my stuff into Theo’s bag, I can put his stuff in mine!  It’s a great secondary bag to treat yourself to, if you want a slimline solution to taking the baby out, or it would make a lovely gift for a mother to be, because it’s super useful and super cute as well!”  Sarah, mum to Theo aged 1, Seriously Shallow blogger

High Chair Cushions

“…The high chair cushions are made from beautifully soft oilcloth and come in a variety of designs including a rather gorgeous vintage floral… After much deliberation, I opted for the grey star print which is just as lovely in real life as it is on the website!  The two part set is very easy to fit to the chair.  Within seconds I had it on and ready to use.  It fastens with a combination of buckles and velcro and there’s no need to remove any parts of the chair to attach it.  Once it’s on, the set provides a padded comfortable cushion and back rest for your child.

We’ve been using the set for a little while now and I’m really impressed with how lovely it looks as how easy it is to clean.  The fabric is fully wipeable and seems to be resistant to most stains.  We’ve had every kind of meal using it, from curry to spaghetti bolognese… it’s passed every test so far!  We also use the chair when we do crafts, playdoh and painting and we’ve had no problems with it.  Anything that falls onto the oilcloth is easily wiped off with a warm cloth and soapy water… I really wish we’d come across these cushions at the start of our feeding journey as not only do they look lovely, they make mealtimes more comfortable and enjoyable too!”

High Chair Cushions

‘I think this product looks lovely and is very well made. It stands out from other available products on the market. I found the instructions easy to follow and the product easy to fit to my high chair. I think the product was well made and the stitching looks neat. I think the cushion could be slightly wider on the seat to cover more of the seat. I would definitely consider purchasing this item. I would certainly recommend this. I thought the product looked very appealing and different to the existing high chair cushions on the market. The set pad could be wider to fit on the chair. It is easy to fit and remove from the chair and wipe clean. Overall, I am very happy with the cushion’ Claire – Bizzie Baby Reviewer

High Chair Cushions

‘Well made and attractive addition to our existing high chair. Clear to follow directions with drawings. This item is a wipe clean product and care has been taken to ensure the stitching can also be wiped clean. Good amount of padding in the cushions. It is an expensive item considering it is just two cushions; however, similar products are at this price point. it mades the chair look comfortable and gives it a nice splash of colour. I would certainly consider purchasing another one. I would recommend as comfortable and easy to wipe clean. High quality product that is practical and stylish. Good range of colours so you can choose one to complement your dining room’ Lucy – Bizzie Baby Reviewer

High Chair Cushions

Looked very good quality and a very good idea for messy eaters! Instructions very clear, item very simple to fit to the high chair. Would be difficult to fit incorrectly. Very, very good quality. I was initial concerned after seeing it online that food would get stuck in the seam as I thought it would be fabric. However, they were also made of a wipeable material so extremely easy to give it a quick wipe down after mealtimes. I feel it is very good value for money. The branded fabric version costs more than the messy me cushion and it needs to go in the was after every meal time. I will be buying one for the Tripp Trapp high chair at my mother’s house. I would highly recommend. I could not be more impressed and happy with the messy me high chair cushions. I had been looking for a product like this for a long time. The pattern choice would suit all tastes and are unisex. It is excellent value for money and saves me so much time every day not having to wash and dry the old cover we had’ Danielle, Bizzie Baby Reviewer

High Chair Cushions

“Perfect fit, easy to fit, easy to wipe clean”

High Chair Cushions

“Great product and very prompt delivery”

High Chair Cushions

“Great product and very prompt delivery”

Oilcloth by the metre – Olive Grey

“They are the most amazing items – I cannot tell you how much time they save me, how easy they are to clean and how stylish they look. Noah has even learnt to say ‘star’ from the pattern on the oilcloth.

To keep it clean, all I do is get my sponge and antibacterial cleaner and wipe it clean….It’s so much easier than having to wash (every time we used it) the other fabric table cloth I had. It’s a definite must for any household with messy kids – just like mine!”

Oilcloth by the metre – Olive Grey

* Update – October 2014. The oilcloth is still going strong. I think it’s safe to say, pay more and get better quality. There are a few marks on it as you’d expect with a five year old, but overall, this is brilliant value for money *

” After Emmy’s messy mealtimes, we can just quickly wipe it down and it’s ready for the next time which I find far easier than my old material tablecloths….Priced at £18.50 it may initially seem expensive however ours is used every single day, so we definitely get our money’s worth from it. It is also great for containing the mess of glitter and glue as well as food…

We’ve been using it for over a month now and I’m really impressed. The cloth wipes really easily and no stains have spoilt it (there is a note to avoid tomato stains by wiping quickly) and the cloth can even be put in the washing machine at a low setting – again, impressive – none of our others could do that.

I chose the Olive Grey oilcloth as it’s a nice, neutral colour, it feels nice and thick with the coating being easy for wiping – I need something which cleans easily and it does exactly that…So far, we’ve made cakes, meringues, done plenty of stickering (it’s really good when your stickers get stuck on there by mistake – they peel off easily!), painting, more messy things and of course – eating. This weekend just gone, there were seven of us round the table – the cloth was clean and shows no sign of weating out which meants this gets a HUGE thumbs up from me – anything that makes my life easier is a very good thing!

After this long and having got by on cheaper cloths, I wish I’d gone ahead and bought this earlier – it’s tough and it looks fab”

Oilcloth by the metre – Olive Grey

“The olive grey is a lovely colour that blends in well with our kitchen / conservatory and makes a great backdrop for photographing food! I’m in love with my new table cover – I no longer have to worry about spilt milk soaking into my solid wood table, or playdough being ground into the grains of the wood….Every day foods and liquids usually wipe straight off , however you do need to be careful with strong coloured foods cush as carrot, blueberries etc. ”


“Good experience and lovely quality product”


Excellent customer service, beautiful mat, great quality

Messy Mat Review

We absolutely love our Mess Mat from Messy Me! Not only is it perfect for preventing messy floors and tables at meal times, it is also the best thing ever for messy activities. Since I received my mess mat, I’ve been using it to complete lots of messy activities with my toddler and six year old daughters. Using play doh, baking, painting and even tie dying indoors no longer worries me! And the fact that the mat is so easy to wipe clean afterwards is a real bonus! Dawn, Scotland

Messy Mat Review

My children are exceptionally messy…I have given up being house proud…The one thing I want to protect is our beautiful oak table. This mat from Messy Me is perfect. You can even wash it in the machine – it’s perfect

Messy Mat – Vintage Floral splashmat review

We thoroughly tested the messy mat….

The first thing I realised upon opening the beautifully presented and folded messy mat was the complete lack of smell. I had expected it to have a …well…smell. And it didn’t. Nothing noticeable, anyway.
The floral pattern is very pretty and I liked the fact the edges were bound with vinyl (correct as needed) this gives it a nice finishing touch and doubles as a sealed edge to promote durability and moisture resistance. It give the edges a little added weight too and makes it feel like a lot of thought an effort has gone into it.
We tested it out with children’s modelling dough, it passed. No stains. We tested it out with children’s paints, and it simply wiped off. Wax crayons were no problem, marks just disappeared when I used a baby wipe. No problems. Same with coloured icing on cupcakes.
Then, we tried the dreaded spaghetti in tomato sauce…I was expecting a day glow orange stain. And there wasn’t one. HOWEVER! There was a rogue piece I just didn’t see and it did leave a slight stain. This has faded though and is not noticeable. I also found by putting it in sunlight for an hour reduced the stain farther and now I can’t tell where it was.
We then tested it in the garden, we did place a blanket underneath it to protect it from the grass because with the best will in the world, grass does stain. My little girl thought it was lovely and said it was “perfect for picnics.” which was sweet! I thought it would get hot in the April sunshine, but it didn’t. It was warm of course, but not sticky. I found it helped to stop plates and drinks sliding too which was helpful. The cats liked it a bit too much, but that’s the beauty of it. You can’t spray down a normal picnic cloth with antibacterial spray, but as the cats had taken a walk over it after we had finished eating, a quick spray and a wipe was all it needed to clean it up.
It’s been used every day since we’ve had it, there are no cracks in the plastic/vinyl (correct as needed) the back is clean, the edges and stitching are perfect.
People may think it’s expensive and prefer to buy a cheaper one, but they won’t be buying quality. They won’t be getting one with so much effort and thought put into it. All the other oilcloths I’ve seen are NOT bound with protective vinyl edging.
This coped with a lot of messy family dinners, beetroot, paint and spilled juices. I put it on my oak table and put a table cloth over the top, it completely protected my table from stains and spills and even hot plates (I wouldn’t put hot things directly onto the messy mat – always uses a good tablecloth over it if using hot plates and use mats if you are using oven to table-wear)
I would heartily recommend it to anyone looking for one. I also love the coordinating bibs and changing mats, they will last for years (as long as you clean it immediately after use!) And will prolong the life of your tables, carpets and flooring.
It was simple to pick up and shake off into the bin too, it’s just little things like that which can make such a difference.
Loved it.
Joy, Mum to Rosie, aged 3.

Messy Mat – Teal Blue

“I have the messy mat which is a gorgeous teal colour. The lovely star pattern is a really clever print which appeals to me but is also fun for my toddler. I use it for messy play and also for snack time. It’s thick enough not to tear like other mats I’ve had but is still nice and light so I can take it out with me too. It’s easy to wipe clean and is surviving our messy play sessions of painting, play-doh and gluing. Impressive, good quality product that will last”

Apron – Vintage Floral

My little girl immediately proclaimed it to be hers and put it on straight away! I noticed how beautifully made it was, no strange smell, perfect size for my 3 year old and will definitely suit her for a few years to come. Since we’ve had it, it’s been covered in poster paint, cupcake icing, felt tips, play doh, curry, sand, tomato sauce and other random splodges of stuff. Every single mark has come off, with the exception of a little light mark where I didn’t get all the tomato off first time. I put it in the sunlight and I now can’t see it at all

This apron has soft cotton ties, my little girl said it is comfortable and insists on wearing it when we bake. She has a different apron but says ‘I don’t want that one, this one is better’ so coming from a three year old – it’s absolutely a winner! Waterproof, pretty, thoughtfully made and co-ordinates with the rest of the range.


Really lovely apron – my daughter loves it. Very well made. Good quality material

Mini Changing Bag Review

“My daughter is 18 months old but I still cart around a huge changing bag out of habit, when in reality, it’s full of things I don’t really need for a toddler, or at least can live without until we get home. The Messy Me bag is a really good idea for slightly older children, or for a short trip out when it’s unlikely, but not impossible, that you’ll need to do another nappy changed before you go home.

I was also particularly keen to test this bag as I’m a cloth nappy user and wondered if they would fit as I suspect, with the nature of it being marketed as a clutch bag, it would have been designed with disposables in mind. And I’m pleased to say that, yes, a cloth nappy does indeed fit, along with a half used pack of wipes (a full pack is pushing it a bit!)

The design is very stylish, with the wave shaped fold over flap and I would be happy to be seen out with the bag even without a child in tow as I don’t think anyone would know it was supposed to be a nappy bag…. ”

Mini Changing Bag – Messy Clutch Bag

“I am still using a nappy changing bag on a day to day basis as my daughter is only 8 months old. I have used this as a spare and kept it in my car as a spare if I’m just nipping somewhere and don’t want to lug my big bag about. I’ve kept a couple of nappies, a travel pack of wipes and a vest inside and it has been very useful. I have used the small cloth to lay my daughter on when usuing public facilities.

I really love the unique stylish pattern on the Messy Me Clutch Bag, my design the Dusty Pink was very girly which I love! I think it’s very good value for money and look forward to using it more in the future especially when I get to carry just a handbag with me. Very good product, would defo recommend”

Mini Changing Bag – Messy Clutch

Quick delivery, just what I have been looking for

Mini Changing Bag – Messy Clutch

“comes complete with a mini changing bag, so handy when you’re out and about and want a clean and hygienic place to change your child. It takes up no room at all and I think the fabric choices are wonderful, with the gloss finish they are fairly resistant to stains so should last well and it’s nice to have attractive looking baby products”

Mini Changing Bag – Messy Clutch

“It is ingenious!

It’s the perfect solution for the times you want to travel light and use your regular handbag but still have all your baby’s essentials at your fingertips.

I would definitely recommend getting your hands on the Messy Me Clutch Bag. It’s perfect for those occasions when you don’t want or need to take all your baby paraphernalia with you and just need the bare minimum. It’s well made, with a large velcro fastener ensuring everything stays in one place, but also gives you easy one-handed access when needed.

The Danish oilcloth is lovely and soft, can be wiped clean…. All in all I’m a great fan of the Clutch Bag and knowing how great the quality is, I think I may just have to purchase a Messy Mat next! ”

Disclosure – I was kindly sent this Clutch bag free of charge for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own and I’d still rave about it, even if I’d paid for it!

Mini Changing Bag

My daughter is approaching 2 years old so I don’t always need a big changing bag full of all those newborn essentials. I do however need an easy way to keep a couple of nappies and some wipes together in my handbag or to pop in the car when we are out and about. The Messy Me clutch is a great way of doing that. It’s a simple oilcloth clutch shaped bag, with a fold over flap to keep the contents in. It also includes a fold up piece of oilcloth which, while not padded, offers a great way of covering a public baby changing mat.

I’ve foudnd the clutch to be perfect for my purposes. It fits into my handbag, and also keeps everything together if popped in the car boot or the pram shopping basket. It’s wipe clean so you can feel confident about putting it down and it not being affected by gettting dirty or wet – a simple wipe and you’re good to go. You can wash it occasionally at 30C too. You could even use the fold out mat to sit on, not just for nappy changing.

I really love the design of the Messy Me Clutch bag. After a good few years of changing bags, it’s nice to have something that doesn’t look like a baby bag and it’s fast becoming my ‘go to’ way of transporting my toddler’s things. I especially like that I’ll be able to continue using this afte our nappy days are over. I’m sure I’ll be able to find some use for it in packing for myself or my girl when she’s potty trained.

At £18.50, I think this is excellent value for money. It’s really well made, excellent quality and will last longer than our nappy days.

A big thumbs up from us!

Messy Clutch – Mini Changing Bag review

“This product is ideal for when you know longer need a large changing bag with you, just a couple of nappies, changing mat, baby wipes and nappy sacks and it all fits perfectly into this clutch bag. As this is the stage I’m at with my youngest it was great for me, it easily fitted under the pushchair and is also ideal for keeping in the car as Harry & I spend a lot of time in the car taking his big brothers to school and onto after school activities. I really liked the fabric, with it being oilcloth it be easy to keep clean and it was great that it came with instructions on how to keep clean. Going forward it would also be an ideal size when potty training for keeping spare pants in and there would be all sorts of things a bag of this size could be used for” Claire, mum to boys aged 10, 7 and 2.

Messy Clutch – Mini Changing Bag Review

“I was given the Messy-Me Clutch bag as a new baby gift following my second boy, it’s proved to be a fantastic new baby pressie! Used way more than I ever thought. Its simple design and construction means its big enough to fit the essentials for a trip out and about (spare nappies, wipes & nappy bags) along with having a simple change mat for those occasions when its all just a bit messy! I had previously used a similar product but found it too bulky in size and not as simple to use one-handed (most mums I am sure can relate to having to do things one-handed!) so i have ditched the other and use this one daily. The more compact streamlined size means it is more genuinely able to fit into a handbag (a medium sized bag is fine) and it doesn’t take over the bag. My pouch is used daily and has been well travelled, a mandatory travel item for all holidays as it is roomy enough to fit other items for flights, long journeys etc. In fact on a recent flight I discovered it fitted nicely in the pocket in front of my seat so I had all the necessary toddler items to hand rather than having to go in/out of the overhead locker. Its simplicity should be applauded because it all just works brilliantly. Well done Messy-Me!”

Tunic Bibs

“perfect for family visits when you need to feed on the go, and keeping the kids clean and presentable is imperative. The tunic fits over their normal clothes and gives complete coverage so you avoid that embarrassing ketchup stain on a pretty new party dress or smart shirt. Made from a wipe clean oilcloth the tunics come in various colours and roll up small enough to fit in a handbag. If you’re going on holiday, this teeny tiny item will work as a bib for the whole trip”

Tunic bibs

“I love them – thank you!”

Tunic Bib – Vintage Floral

“We usually put on an apron to cover our clothes, but of late, the baby gives us wardrobe envy! This is thanks to the super sweet tunic sent to us by Messy Me for testing. This must surely be the first bib stylish enough to make adults want their own apron version of the same. And of course the little tunics are perfect for children during arts and crafts activities – the wipeable, hard wearing oilcloth – protecting clothes. Our eldest daughter prefers them to the sleeved versions – as it’s much easier to move in….”

Tunic Bib – Olive Grey Star

“(The olive grey tunic) is adorable on. It seems quite comfortable to wear and although he was reluctant at first, as he is with all bibs, he was quite happy eating in it then running around like a maniac for half an hour after, once he’d left the table.

It doesn’t bunch up and get in the way when seated and the lact of arms isn’t a problem once the sleeves are rolled up. I always find arms are difficult to get to fit properly on bibs so you end up folding them over and then they’re so big and bulky, they drag in the food causing more mess! It is also long enough to catch any food falling on to his knees once sat down.

There is a generous strip of velcro at the back which is really practical and ensures the tunic stays put, but is easy to get off without getting yourself covered in food / paint etc.”

Tunic Bib – Olive Grey Star

“I am rather impressed with this tunic, the fact it is made from oilcloth and suitable for the occasional machine wash, it is definitely the thing we need with Miss A and her messiness!… The tunic washed well and looked as good as new and even though the site says it’s suitable for 1-3 year olds, it’s going to last a while size wise. I love the colour of it. I picked a neutral colour, so that it will do for the new baby when it reaches the right age….

I think the price for the product is just right. It is likely to look more new after several washes than the other bib type products I have had in the past – the fabric cotton-like ones with the cheap plastic that I have bought look horrible! They started to look worn after the first wash, this one doesn’t. Plus with the ability to just wipe it down, it is going to last a lot longer anyway. So all in all, I am rather pleased with this product!”

Tunic Bib – Floral

“Perfect, just what I wanted. Quick delivery, thank you!”

Tunic Bib

“When I first got the Messy Me tunic, I was a bit skeptical that it would be as good as some of the other coverall bibs we’ve tried. However, the messy tunic is working brilliantly for us. My son has just turned 1 and we have followed baby led weaning so mealtimes are always very messy!

We’ve used the bibs with long sleeves until now but I much prefer the style and cut of the messy tunic. It wipes clean after use and the pattern is lovely. I would recommend it to a friend and buy another”

Tunic Bib

“Well, what can I say – these Messy Me tunics are fantastic, these tunics are the best I have used. My 2 year old is so messy and I was so frustrated with ruining her clothes, so this has been a life saver and also a nice design. Theya re also good value and good quality. I have washed mine a few times and it washes great – in fact, I feel like leaving it on my daughter 24/7 – so I would recommend it to any mum out there”

Tunic Bib

“I absolutely love this!! We’d only used the old-fashioned plastic style bibs…previously, so I was concerned that these might be rather messy. They’re fab though. I haven’t actually had to pop it in the washing machine yet as I’ve found that a quick sponge down does the job. It wipes clean really easily. it’s also really simple to put on – my son waves his arms in the air ready for me when he sees me coming with it.

The quality of the material is really good and I think it’s definitely value for money. I also prefer it to the old style plastic ones as it can easily be folded up and taken out with you and takes up little space. Tomato based foods do seem to stain a little – but only on the hem, and there’s a warning on the outer packaging that this may occur so I’m not too fussed.

My son also looks super cute in this, and considering he’s quite a big 18 month old, it covers most of his body (except his arms obviously).

Overall I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality bib. ”

Tunic Bib

“I absolutely love the Messy Me tunic. It has become the must have accessory in my changing bag! Often out and about, I’ll put bibs in the changing bag only to forget to replace them and throw them in the wash when they are covered in food. The Messy Me tunic has been fantastic. I simply wipe it down after use and throw it back into the changing bag for next time.”

Tunic Bib

Ideal for my little boy who doesn’t like bibs with sleeves

Tunic Bib

“My son is a famously messy eater, because of this I am always enthusiastic to give anything a go that will make food time a cleaner experience! The tunic covers the torso, fitting under the high chair, this means that there is no chance of food getting behind the material, which I am very grateful for. I am so happy with this product that I am using it for most mealtimes. I also like the fact that it could also be used for arts and crafts and such like – making it very versatile. The tunic was easy to clean, a quick wipe and food and mess came off very easily…”

True blue tunic

“He is a big fan… the fact that the tunic is sleeveless means the wearer has plenty of room to move around, something we’ve found difficult with previous tunics…”

Pink Tunic Bib

‘I’ve just received the pink bib – it’s beautiful! Thank you. I must say, I’m really impressed with the quality of your products’ (Vanessa, USA)

Messy Bib

Beautiful item, very quick delivery, lovely, thank you!

Messy Bib

Just gorgeous!

Vintage Floral High Chair Cover

‘We have been using our Messy Me cover for the past week and we love it! After dinner, you can easily remove the cover and give it a wipe down or even put it in the washing machine on a low rinse which is great to get rid of all the food out of those nooks and crannies after meal time…I found it really easy to assemble and it looks great! I just love the design…’

High Chair Cover Review – Mother and Baby 2013

The cover made mealtimes a lot easier because I didn’t have to shake the high chair or hoover up the tiny crumbs and pieces in the nooks and crannies. All I had to do is remove the cover and wipe it clean. This makes feeding time so much more enjoyable…The high chair cover doesn’t have to be limited to use at dinner times only. I use it with my toddler when he wanted to paint, and it was ever so easy to clean up after him. – Mother and Baby Review 2013

High Chair Cover – Mother & Baby Review 2013

This is a great product, particularly when introducing finger foods and letting babies feed themselves as it cust down a lot of the clearing up time. I was sceptical as to whether or not it would fit my high chair, but it did and worked extremely well. It is so much easier just to wipe down the cover rather than trying to get into the corners of the high chair. I do feel that the price would probably put some people off, however, but it is certainly made to last. I would recommend this product for those with a bit more cash to spend and those with messy eaters. It has made clearing up after mealtimes a lot quicker. Mother & Baby Review 2013

High Chair Cover

“When it comes to mealtimes, it can get pretty messy! Especially if your child loves rubbing their food everywhere else but their mouth! We were sent the Messy Me high chair cover in Vintage Floral and it is adorable! All Messy Me products are made with oilcloth which is easy to wipe clean. We have been using our Messy Me cover for the past week and we love it! No more trying to get stains out of the high chair from Amelia’s grubby hands or when she knocks her bowl all over her. After dinner you can easily remove the cover and give it a wipe down or even put it in the washing machine on a low rinse which is great to get rid of all the food out of those nooks and crannies after mealtime.

I found it really easy to assemble and it looks great#! I just love the design. It was easy to fit the straps and Amelia was able to eat straight away. Cleaning the cover was easy – just wipe down with an antibacterial spray and cloth and there you go – it looks as good as new again.

I would definitely recommend the Messy Me cover to any parent to make mealtime less messy and easier to clean up afterwards. I will be purchasing the tunic and mat soon too as I just love the design and the idea behind the product is brilliant!

High Chair Cover

“The high chair coer was really easy to install too. It has a cable that connects under the chair to provide stability for the cover and of course, keep it in position….the clip is an easy push the sides in and pop out clip – so it can come apart quickly, which is great for when I need to remove the cover and shake the rubbish into the bin. The high chair cover is also really easy to wipe clean and leave, ready for the next meal or creative play time. It protects the chair underneath and obviously makes removing and shaking the rubbish off a lot easier. Before, I had to shake the whole high chair – so much easier and it matches my table cloth, I love it! It really has taken the stress out of clearing up after meal times… “

High Chair Cover

“The Messy Me cover product is a great and affordable way of covering your original worn seat cover and updating the look. The product is easy to fit and clean.”

High Chair Cover

Lovely item, my son finally sits in his high chair!

High Chair Cover

Lovely item, fast delivery, happy buyer