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welliesInspired by the rainy weather we’ve had here over half term, we’ve come up with a few ideas to help keep little ones entertained when the weather is rubbish outside…

Unless, there’s a torrential downpour, kids are often happy to go out as long as they dressed up properly in waterproofs and wellies.  I can remember many times when I was close to losing it inside with my little ones on a rainy day… We dressed up and went out in the rain, they loved it and I calmed down, happy to watch them splashing about in puddles or squelching around in mud.


  • Puddle jumping – put on raincoats and wellies and find some puddles to jump and splash about in – my children absolutely loved doing this when they were little (and still do it sometimes nowadays…)
  • Muddy walk – again dress up in raincoats and wellies and find a muddy path to squelch around in – allowing children to get as muddy as they want.  If you’re driving home, it’s worth putting some extra clothes in or a few towels to avoid too much mud in the car
  • Let them go out in the garden in the rain.  In the summer months, it’s generally not that cold outside when it’s raining.  My children have been known to strip down to their underwear and run around outside in the rain.  Again, lots of giggling involved and it helps burn off some energy.  Just have some towels close to hand for when they’re dripping and suddenly decide they’ve had enough.
  • Have a water fight in the rain – again, better in the summer when little ones won’t get too cold.  Running a warm bath for them to jump into afterwards helps warm them up afterwards.


  • An indoor den – hanging sheets or blankets over a table or between some chairs.  As with outdoor dens, children love making them and usually enjoy playing in them / eating tea in them afterwards.
  • Washing dolls / dolls clothes / trucks .  Fill the bath and let them have fun washing their dolls  / trucks – they / the bathroom may get wet but a quick wipe with the towel should sort things out.
  • Rainbow spaghetti – cook a packet of spaghetti, divide into separate containers – one for each colour you want to make.  Add some food colouring and a little cooking oil to stop the spaghetti sticking and mix together.  Little ones will love helping to colour the spaghetti and have lots of fun playing with it afterwards.  For more details see Rainbow Spaghetti 
  • Use some recycling items to make models – cereal boxes, plastic bottles, other shaped containers. Children can glue bits together and then paint
  • Baking and decorating biscuits or cupcakes – something my children always pester me to do with them over half terms or holidays.  Our aprons and tunic bibs can help protect budding chefs when cooking.
  • Some great messy play ideas – our mats and oilcloth will help protect tables and floors during these activities:
    • Play with gloop – mixing cornflour and water together.  Messy but lots of fun
    • Painting
      • Hands / feet was a particular messy favourite with my children.  We used to paint hands and feet, print them on paper and they could make other pictures using the hand or foot print as the starting point
      • Cut fruit and vegetables into different shapes and print
      • Self portraits
      • Paint using different cutlery – spoons, forks etc and other kitchen utensils
    • Make and play with play dough.  Here’s a recipe which has worked well for us  – Playdough
    • Make jelly and let little ones play with it afterwards – again, messy but lots of fun

Hope these ideas help make rainy days more fun with little ones!  Let us know of any other rainy day ideas which have worked for you – the messier the better!