Messy Clutch Bag – Soft Grey Stars

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  • No more scrabbling around in your handbag for a nappy with our stylish mini changing bags


  • A compact clutch bag designed to fit in handbags or under the buggy
  • Comes with matching mini changing mat (not padded)
    • Ideal for changing babies on public baby changing mats or on the floor / carpet…
  • Designed to hold a couple of nappies, small pack of wipes, some nappy bags and cream
  • Ideal for quick trips out, handing over the nannies or grandparents, keeping in the car, taking on planes
  • Wipe clean bag and mat – just use a wet wipe or some soapy water to clean – no need for machine washing
  • Dimensions
    • Clutch bag – 19 cm x 30 cm
    • Mini mat – 52 cm x 41 cm
  • Our fabric is BPA and phthalate free


What Helen says:  

‘Mums love our mini changing bags.  They are so portable, practical and look lovely too.  They really do make nappy changing on the go quicker and easier.’   


  1. :

    Great little changing bag. Easy to put in big ‘normal’ handbags. Fits about 3 nappies, wipes and some bags, plus the small mat which comes with it.

  2. :

    I really love this clutch, it’s jsut the right size for 3/4 nappies and some wipes – you can even pop your phone and a bank card in if you don’t want to bring a handbag out. The clutch is sturdy and well made. I really think its useful because you can quickly find the essential in a big bag.

  3. :

    Great quality and can fit a lot in. Use it all the time.

  4. :

    It’s proved a fantastic new baby pressie! Used way more than I ever thought. I had previously used a similar product but found it too bulky in size and not as simple to use one handed…so I ditched the other one and use this one daily

  5. :

    It fits into my handbag, and also keeps everything together if popped in the car boot or the pram shopping basket…It’s wipe clean so you feel confident about putting it down and it not being affected by getting dirty or wet – a simple wipe and you’re good to go

  6. :

    On those occasions when I am popping out and don’t want to carry my bag with the kitchen sink inside, it’s useful to grab and run – safe in the knowledge I have the essentials.

  7. :

    I am still using a nappy changing bag on a day to day basis as my daughter is only 8 months old. I have used this as a spare and kept it in my car as a spare if I’m just nipping somewhere and don’t want to lug my big bag about. I’ve kept a couple of nappies, a travel pack of wipes and a vest inside and it has been very useful. I have used the small cloth to lay my daughter on when usuing public facilities.

  8. :

    so handy when you’re out and about and want a clean and hygienic place to change your child. It takes up no room at all and I think the fabric choices are wonderful, with the gloss finish they are fairly resistant to stains so should last well and it’s nice to have attractive looking baby products

  9. :

    Brilliant…easy to hold or pop under the pushchair and it fits actually quite a lot in. it has a little changing mat inside and can fit a couple of nappies, a pack of wipes, nappy sacks and some nappy cream. I can also roll up a sleep suit and pop it in just in case. I love the style, the colour… it’s something I think will be kept in the car and used on a regular basis in the summer for the park, a picnic, walk etc.

  10. :

    It’s small enough to fit inside my own normal bag… I get quite excited about using my own bags and just popping my Messy Clutch inside

  11. :

    Mine is 3 years in and still in brilliant condition! It comes everywhere with us and is small enough to fit in my handbag. Love it!

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