Mother’s Day is fast approaching (next weekend Dads!)… One thing that always goes down really well on Mother’s Day, in my opinion anyway, are homemade presents and cards – plus it’s a great way of entertaining the kids for a few hours too!

Here are five Mother’s Day crafting ideas we love:

Fingerprint Cards

A fun, very easy craft idea which children will love doing and mum will love receiving.  Inspired by ideas from Messy Little Monster and Serving Pink Lemonade, here are a couple of ideas

Fingerprint Flowers

Mother's Day flower card

What you need:

  • Card, paints, felt tip pen for drawing flower stems (although you can use paint)

What to do:

  • Fold a piece of card in half to create a folded card.  Draw some stems on the front of the card.  Paint on the petals using finger prints.  Leave to dry then write a message either on the front or inside (0r both)

Fingerprint Heart

Mother's Day heart print


What you need:

  • Card, paints, pencil, scissors, glue

What to do:

  • Faintly draw the outline of a heart on a piece of paper or card.  Using fingerprints, fill in the inside of the heart with different colour fingerprints.   If there are smudges around the heart, once the paint has dried, the heart could be cut out and stuck on to another card.  Again, a message could be written on the front or inside the card.

Florence really loved doing this and the effect is really lovely.

Handprint Flowers

There is something so lovely about handprint pictures – I have kept so many over the years and love looking back at them and remembering their little hands, and the effort / excitement which went into making the pictures (I tend to forget about the mess involved!)

Mother's Day craft

What you need:

  • Paper / card (white, brown and black), paints, paintbrush, scissors, glue or double sided sticky tape
  • Flowers – stickers, stamps, or paints for drawing or making fingerprint flowers.

What to do:

  • Paint hands green ready for printing.  Print handprint on to the white card and allow to dry.  Once dry, stick / paint flowers on top of stems and allow to dry.  Cut out a plant pot shape from the brown paper / card and stick at the base of the handprint.  Stick the picture on to black card to strengthen (optional)

Thanks to Tippytupps for this idea.

Salt Dough Memory Stones

Salt dough craft can be lots of fun for little ones and makes a lovely keepsake.  I really love this idea – there are so many possibilities as to what little treasures could be used as decorations and how you could design this.  Thanks to TheJerseyMomma for this idea.

Mother's Day salt dough craft

What you need:

  • 3 cups flour, 1 1/4 cups water, 1 cup salt
  • Items for decorating such as glass mosaic pieces (available from craft / toy shops and Amazon) or little stones
  • Baking tray and baking paper (not foil)

What to do:

  • Line a baking tray with some baking paper.  Mix the flour, water and salt together and knead to make a soft dough.  It can take a few minutes for the mix to turn to a dough like consistency.
  • Break the dough into two equal pieces, put on the baking tray and flatten to make a flat round shape, like a pizza – approx. 15cm in diameter.
  • Decorate your memory stone with oven safe decorations.  You can also add handprints, fingerprints, names or a short message if you like.
  • When finished, bake in the oven for 2 hours at 275C.  Jersey Momma recommends flipping them over half way through to check the dough bakes on both sides. Remove from the oven after 2 hours and allow to cool.

Handprint Picture Frame

This idea is great – not only do they get a picture of their lovely little one, the mount is decorated with their handprints.

Mother's Day photo frame craft

What you need:

  • Paints, paintbrushes, picture frame with a wide border / mount for handprints, photo of your little one

What to do:

  • Paint your little one’s hand and press handprints at intervals around the picture mount.  Repeat the process with different colour paints to create a mix of different colour handprints around the mount.  Allow to dry.  Add a photo and put in the frame.

We found this idea at:  Thecrazyclarks 

Painted Flower Pots

Warning:  This could get very messy!  Would involve a lovely sunny day, lots of old newspaper and probably a few deep breaths – but would be lots of fun and a lovely end result.

Mother's Day plant pot craft

What you need:

  • Terracotta pots, acrylic / weather proof paints, masking tape, old baking tray, newspaper

What to do:

  • Cover the hole on the bottom of the plant pot with masking tape (from the inside of the pot).   Put the old cooling rack on some newspaper and place the plant pots upside down on the rack.  Pour paint onto the pot and allow the paint to drip down the sides.  Repeat with different colour paints until happy with the combination of colours.  Allow pots to dry upside down so the paint doesn’t stick.  Add a plant to your finished creation.

Thanks to messylittlemonster for this idea.

So… a mix of ideas here – some easier and less messy, others requiring a little more effort.   Whatever, you choose, have fun!

Good luck and Happy Mother’s Day to all those wonderful mummies out there!