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Mother’s Day is fast approaching – often sending Dads and Husbands into a panic – this is one they can’t really delegate!   My children always love making presents for me for Mother’s Day and I love the thought and effort which goes into them.  I’ve still got a bookmark made by Sam, with fingerprint flowers on – he’s now 14, so the days of handmade craft presents from him are long gone…

Vicki and the Tippy Tupps crew have come up with some wonderful craft ideas for Mother’s Day this year.  Here are a couple of our favourites:


There is something so lovely about handprint pictures – I have kept so many over the years and love looking back at them and remembering their little hands, and the effort and excitement which went into making the pictures.  (I tend to forget about the mess involved!!)

This has been done as a picture, but could easily done as a Mother’s Day card as well…


  • Paper: we used A4 white paper as the background, brown paper to use as the flowerpot, and then a black card to mount on.
  • Paint: poster paint is perfect, preferably in green.
  • Brushes: this goes without saying
  • Flowers: you can use anything to represent flowers – potato stamps, paint, paper flowers or like us, we used these self-adhesive flowers.
  • Scissors: for cutting the flower pot.
  • Double sided sticky tape: for sticking the flower pot down.
  • A Tablecloth: for any kind of craft that can get messy we tend to use both a tablecloth and aprons to try and limit the mess as much as we can. Both of ours are made from oilcloth and are from Messy Me.


First of all, use the paint brush to paint little hands green ready for printing on the paper.

Press down firmly on the white paper to print your plant.

From our experience of hand printing, one handprint is rarely enough!  Children usually love doing this, so it’s worth having extra pieces of paper / card on hand for extra prints.

Once done you need to leave it to dry for a little while (and wash those little hands!)

Then all you need to do is decorate each stem with flowers and wait a few minutes to make sure the flowers are stuck on properly.

After around 10 minutes or so, it should be ready for the next stage. Taking the scissors, cut the brown paper into a flower pot shape and stick down with the double sided sticky tape. To give the picture added strength, we also stuck the picture to some black card to mount it for finished effect while also giving it a little strength.


And there we have it. A cute little handprint picture (or card if you prefer), perfect as a keepsake for years to come.


  mother's day craft

If your children love crafting but you’re not so keen on the mess involved, this is a good one which allows them to be creative without too much mess – and allows littler ones to get involved too.  Sticking is something little ones can do from an early age and many love sticking.  We spent hours with sticker books and sticking activities when my children were little.


Literally all you need is a Love Heart Trees Kit from Baker Ross. At £3.75 for a pack of 5, this is an absolute bargain when it comes to a craft activity to keep kids occupied for a little while, with not too much mess and a lovely Mother’s Day present at the end.


mother's day craft

In your love heart trees kit, you have 5 cut outs which fit together to make little 3D trees. You then have 8 sheets of different coloured love hearts to pop out, peel and stick to your tree as cute little love heart leaves. So, that’s exactly what we did.

This is a quick and easy craft, and the love heart trees are the perfect kit for people who want to give a nod to a handmade gift for Mother’s Day, but don’t want to make it too complicated (or messy). So easy to put together, these Love Heart Trees would be perfect for those people who perhaps don’t enjoy crafts but want something to do with their little ones for their mummies.

If you’re feeling super creative. you could make these yourself without a craft kit.  Using some brown card to make the tree shape and sticky jewels / flowers or pieces of coloured paper / tissue for the flowers.

PS.  Grandmothers would love these too – anything from grandchildren usually goes down a treat!!

Whatever you choose to do, have a lovely day!

PS.  I’ll be standing on the side of a rugby or hockey pitch – hopefully in the Spring sunshine.  Not quite the relaxing day Mother’s Day can be hyped up to be, but I wouldn’t have it any other way…

Helen x

A huge thank you to Vicki and the Tippy Tupps crew for all their wonderful Mother’s Day craft ideas.  For Vicki’s full blog post with more Mother’s Day craft ideas, click here:  Tippy Tupps