There are hundreds of different high chairs available for weaning nowadays – with so much choice, where do you start?

Here are some of the key things to think about:

  • How much space do you have?
  • How safe / sturdy is the high chair – does it feel stable and unlikely to tip over if your little ones starts trying to escape…
  • How secure in the harness? Little ones can be very wriggly at mealtimes – making sure they’re safe and can’t fall out is crucial
  • Ease of folding – with lots going on, struggling to fold / collapse the high chair can be super annoying
  • Ease of cleaning – you’ll be feeding your little one 3 x a day for 2-3 years – spending hours cleaning up all the mess can be really tedious…
    • Are there nooks and crannies where food could get stuck, is the padding / cushion fully wipe clean or will it need machine washing when it gets dirty?
  • Versatility – do you want a high chair which can be used for years to come?
  • Is it easy to use?  If the high chair has a tray – is it easy to put on and take off?  If the height is adjustable – is this easy to do?

Some pros and cons of the different styles available…

Traditional style, folding, plastic high chairs:


  • Generally very safe and sturdy
  • Suitable from the early days of weaning. They usually have a number of reclining positions to ensure your baby is comfortable
  • Good padding on the seat to keep baby comfortable
  • Adjustable height
  • Generally these high chairs have good harnesses to help keep wriggling little ones safe


  • Can take up a lot of space – most will fold up, but will often still be quite big, even when folded.  Worth checking if space is an issue for you.
  • This style of high chair often have lots of nooks and crannies – which will be a magnet for food.  I spent hours cleaning my high chair after mealtimes – with food getting stuck in hard to reach places.
  • Can be an eyesore in your kitchen – so much plastic and often brightly colours / designs

Wooden High Chairs – Adjustable



  • Generally this type of high chair will complement kitchen decor, looking less like a baby’s high chair and more like another piece of wooden furniture
  • Neutral and stylish designs
  • Adjustable seat and footrest so the high chair can grow with the child – suitable from the early days of weaning (with a harness / baby set and cushions) through to childhood when it can be used as a chair
  • Can come close to the table, so baby feels part of the family and more involved in mealtimes.
  • Hold their value more than other high chairs, so can be re-sold after weaning
  • Most now come with extras so can be used from the star of weaning (although extras do cost!)


  • Extras such as baby sets and cushions often needed to ensure these high chairs are suitable for babies in the early days (baby sets, cushions)
  • Not reclinable, so not suitable for little ones until they can sit unaided unless new baby recliner is bought too
  • Can be very expensive – models such as the Hauck Alpha + are very similar to the brand leader and significantly cheaper.

Our High Chair Cushion Sets are fully wipe clean and suitable for this type of high chair

No Frills, Value High Chairs

high chair cushion ikea antilop


  • Amazing value
  • No nooks and crannies so very easy to clean
  • Great as a good value /extra high chair to have at grandparents


  • Straps / harness may not be enough for a wriggly child – the Ikea Antilop only has waist straps, no shoulder straps so little ones need watching more.
  • Less sturdy, so for super wriggly little ones this could be an issue
  • No padding, so less comfortable for babies
  • Don’t fold (but legs can be removed for storage)
  • Less robust – depending on your baby, it may not be suitable for on-going, long term use

Our fully wipe clean mini high chair cushions will help keep little ones more snug and comfortable in this type of high chair

Wooden High Chairs – Non Adjustable

cushion insert grey full length


  • Solid and sturdy
  • Look better in kitchen vs. traditional style, plastic high chairs


  • Can take up a lot of space – most will fold for storing.  Again, worth checking how compact they are when folded
  • No padding so not ideal for younger / smaller babies – they may slump and bang themselves and  less comfortable for older toddlers

Our fully wipe clean high chair cushion inserts are designed to help keep babies comfortable in this type of high chair.


Most baby stores will have a variety of high chairs – it’s definitely worth doing some investigating, asking friends and trying different styles out before deciding.

Whichever type of high chair you choose, please check it meets UK Safety Standards – British Standard BS14988.  No matter how safe a high chair is in terms of design, it is still important to ensure it is used in a safe way in your home.

Please ensure babies and toddlers are supervised at all times when in their highchairs, they are properly strapped in and the high chair is not used on a raised or slippery surface.

Happy weaning x