Fitting Your Messy Me High Chair Cover

Fitting Your Messy Me High Chair Cover

The easiest way to fit the high chair cover is:

  • Remove tray table
  • Put cover over back of high chair (1)
  • Smooth cover into seat with flaps (2 and 3) covering leg area of high chair
  • Pull through five point harness as needed
  • Put arm flaps (4 and 5) over high chair arms
  • Secure flaps underneath using buckle
  • Ensure fabric overlaps at back of seat (see arrows) to prevent food slipping onto the high chair. 
  • Put tray table back on 

Taking Off High Chair Cover

We have found the best way to take off the high chair cover to mimimise mess on the chair and floor is:

  • Remove tray table
  • Lift child out of chair
  • Unfasten five point harness
  • Unfasten buckle securing arm flaps
  • Fold arm and leg flaps into high chair seat
  • Fold arm / leg flaps and seat up towards seat back 
  • Lift seat back and rest of cover off high chair 
  • Lie cover flat on a table to wipe clean 
  • Once clean, put back on high chair ready for the next meal – keeping chair looking lovely