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Father’s Day Craft Inspiration with Messy Me

Father’s Day is coming up soon – on Sunday June 17th…

Surprise Dad this Father’s Day with a home made gift – most Dads love something home made by their little ones and children just love the chance to get crafty and make something for Daddy…

Some Messy Me helpers have been very busy over the last few weeks coming up with some wonderful ideas for Father’s Day.  Here are our favourites:

Footprint Fun

 fathers day

Anyone who follows us will know we love any excuse to start painting hands and feet so we loved this idea when it came through:

You will need:

  • Paint and paint brushes
  • Daddy’s wellies
  • Good quality paper or card
  • Picture frame
  • Wipe clean aprons and tablecloths (optional – but really help keep the mess where it should be and keep mum’s stress levels down!)

**  Card / Frame will need to be big enough to fit the imprint of the wellies

fathers day

  1. Paint the imprint of the wellies and press down onto the card or paper
  2. Allow the imprint to dry
  3. Paint your little one (s) foot in a different colour
  4. Press their footprint down on the card – either on top of the welly imprint or to the side
  5. Add a caption if you like – Walking in Daddy’s shoes, Walking next to Daddy etc.
  6. Once the picture is dry, it can be framed, ready for Father’s Day

A big thank you to Amanda, Emily and Jessica at Mummy2Twindividuals for this idea.  Please click here for Amanda’s full blog post with other Father’s Day ideas

Meanwhile, Melanie and Leo have been painting hands for Leo’s Father’s Day craft:

Lion Hand Painting

Again, lots of fun for little ones as this involves hand painting… even when I tried other painting ideas with my children, by the end we usually had at least one painted hand … it’s just too much fun to resist…

For this craft you will need:

  • Orange / Yellow paint and paint brushes
  • Card or thick paper
  • Wipe clean aprons and tablecloths (optional again)
  • Thick brown or black marker pen

fathers day

  1. Lay the card / paper flat on a wipe clean surface
  2. Paint one of your child’s hands orange or yellow (or let them do this themselves if they are old enough)
  3. Help them press their hand on to the piece of paper so the palm is in the centre of the paper and the fingers towards the edge of the piece of paper.
  4. Continue printing handprints in a circle, using different colours – with the fingers always facing towards the edge of the piece of paper (creating the lion’s mane)
  5. Allow the circle of handprints to dry
  6. Using the thick marker pen, draw a lion’s face in the centre of picture
  7. Add a caption if you like…

Thank you to Melanie and Leo at Fraser’s Fun House for this idea.  Please click here for Melanie’s full blog posts with more pictures and Father’s Day ideas.

This one’s a bit trickier, so probably better for slightly older children:

Paper Weaving Tie Card

fathers day weaving

You will need:

  • 3 pieces of card – 1 to make the card, 2 or more pieces in different colours to cut into strips for weaving
  • Glue
  • Scissors

fathers day weaving


  1. Fold a piece of card in half to find the middle then fold the two sides inwards to make the jacket.
  2. Fold down the lapels.
  3. Cut out a tie shape then carefully cut slits bottom to top being careful not to cut all the way through.
  4. Cut strips of card or paper and weave them through the gaps (please watch your little ones if they are using the scissors!)
  5. Cut a rectangle of card and also make slits.
  6. Weave paper through this to make the top of the tie.
  7. Glue the different pieces together on the card.

**  Please watch your little ones if they are using the scissors.

Thank you to Clare and Emmy at Emmy’s Mummy for this idea

We all know crafting with little ones can be VERY messy – particularly if paints are involved.  However, children really do love it and it’s so good for their development.  Our range of fully wipe clean accessories can help take some of the chaos out of clearing up after messy crafting.  Please click here to view our collection.

Happy Father’s Day!

Helen x






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