Hot on the heels of Mother’s Day, comes Easter – another great opportunity for crafting with little ones.  With schools and some pre-schools shut for the holidays, there’s often more time for crafting and messy play.

Here are 5 ideas we love:

Easter Bunny Handprints

Most children love painting their hands, so we had to include a hand print Easter card idea.  Depending on the age of your children, you made need to help them with painting and pressing their hands on to the card .  If you’re feeling brave, you can then let them have a go by themselves…

What you need:

  • Coloured card, white paint, black and pink pens / paint to draw the bunny ears / features.

What to do:

  • Paint your child’s hand with white paint, or let them do it themselves.  Press the hand onto a piece of coloured card.  Leave the handprint to dry and wash little hands!  Once the handprint is dry, the ears and features can be painted on – again, this can be done by mum or little one depending on their age.

Bubble Wrap Lambs

I love this idea – I’ve always got some bubble wrap stashed away…

easter craft lamb

What you need:

  • Bubble wrap, scissors, white paint, black card or black paint, googly eyes (optional)

What to do:

  • Cut the bubble wrap into a circle / flower shape for the sheep’s body, paint the bubble wrap white.  Once the bubble wrap has dried, either paint on the sheep’s legs and face or cut out leg / face shapes using the black card and stick to the bubble wrap body.  Paint on eyes or use googly eyes if available

Have a look at –  Bubble Wrap Sheep for more pictures and details

Potato Stamp Easter Eggs

I remember doing this when I was little and having lots of fun.  Requires some parental involvement to start with when cutting the potatoes.   This would make a lovely Easter card or decorations for the Easter tree (see below)

What you need:

  • Potatoes (size dependent on the size of Easter Egg wanted), paints, sharp knife, paper / card for stamping, glitter (optional)

What to do:

  • Cut the potatoes in half lengthways and cut a design in the potato flesh  approx. 15mm deep.  Pour different colour paints on to a plate and brush the different patterns on the potato with the paint.  Stamp the potato on to the card or paper to create different Easter Egg stamps.  Some blogs suggest sprinkling the paint with glitter to create sparkly Easter eggs – I’m sure the effect would be lovely, but would certainly involve more mess – glitter gets everywhere!!

These blogs were the inspiration for this idea:  NaturalBeachLiving  and Thebestideasforkids

Please do not leave little ones alone / unattended with sharp knives around.  

Easter Tree with Fingerprint Decorated Easter Eggs

easter tree decorations


What you need:  Card, scissors, hole punch, ribbon, paints, twigs / branches, vase

What to do: Cut the card into Easter Egg shapes, punch a hole at the top of the egg shape, dip finger in paint and decorate the card using different colour paints.  When finished, allow to dry.  Once dry, thread a piece of ribbon through the hole.  Repeat until you have 5-6 decorated Easter Eggs.  Arrange the twigs in a vase and decorate the twigs with the Easter Eggs.

Variations – to decorate the eggs, you could also paint pictures or designs on the card or use potato stamps.

 Stamped Bunny Craft

easter bunny craft

This looks super easy and lots of fun!

What you need:  Card or paper, paint, shaped cookie cutters for stamping, plate or tray for the paint, cotton wool ball (for the tail), glue. Glitter (optional)

What to do:  Cut a bunny shape out of the card.  Pour some paint on to a plate or tray.  Press the cookie cutter into the paint and stamp onto the bunny. Continue dipping and stamping until happy with the design.   If using glitter, sprinkle glitter over your design whilst still wet.  Leave to dry.  Stick on the cotton wool ball tail.

Thanks to for this idea.

Happy Easter!

Helen x