January can be a difficult month with toddlers – the cold, short days make it harder to be out and about with little ones, which means more time at home, thinking of things to do to keep little ones happy.

Inspired by the wintery weather forecast, here are a few ideas to help pass some time..

Robin Hand Prints

hand painting

I love these little robins… not many details on the link on how to make them, but they look super easy.  You just need some paint (red, brown and white) and possibly some card for the beak – or you could use orange paint (oh, and possibly a wipe clean tablecloth, apron and wet wipes / cloth to hand to clear up afterwards!).  We found the idea here

Eskimo Craft 

eskimo craft


Another lovely idea for little ones – and not too many bits needed.  Some card, cotton wool, glue, pens – and googly eyes / pompoms if you want (although you could draw on the nose / eyes).  They used coffee filters for the fur lining,  you could also use muffin cases if you don’t have coffee filters to hand.   More detailed instructions on how to make this lovely little eskimo here 

Polar Bear Craft


Another lovely idea which little ones with love – my little ones loved making anything to do with animals and this bear looks so friendly and cuddly!  Again, super easy…All you need is some coloured card or paper for the background and then some white and black paper to rip up to make the polar bear, glue and paint if you want to add in some snow.  This idea is from EasyPeasyFun, click here for full instructions and more pictures.

Winter Tree Finger Printing

We love finger printing here at Messy Me, and don’t know many children who don’t.  Again, not many things needed for this – some coloured paper, brown / black and white paints… (oh, and the wipe clean tablecloth / mat, apron and wet wipes or cloth may be good to have around for this one :-).  Click here for more details and pictures.

2 Ingredient Snow Dough


Little ones tend to love imaginary play.  Here’s a super easy recipe for ‘snow’. Here’s to adventures with small toys or just having fun burying things in the snow, making snow balls, mini snowmen… and they won’t get cold hands whilst doing it!  Click here for the recipe.

Mess Free Snowflake Sensory Bag

This one shouldn’t be a messy one (unless the bag splits – argh…).  My little ones all loved the sensory feel of squishing and squeezing – this one is a mix of hair gel, ziplock bag, snowflakes, glitter – and paint if you wanted…Might be worth some extra tape to secure the opening to avoid a big squishy mess somewhere.  Thanks to Crafts on Sea for the idea, click here for full details.

And a couple of baking ideas too…

Thumbprint Biscuits

thumbprint cookies

I love the fact that children can  have a real role to play in making these biscuits – making the thumb prints and spooning a little bit of jam in the middle of each biscuit.  Here’s the recipe 

Vanilla Star Biscuits

These would be perfect to make with our Baking Sets…and sound delicious.  Drizzling the melted white chocolate icing could be rather messy, but that’s half the fun.  Click here for the recipe.

During baking, craft and messy play activities, our splash mats, aprons, tunic bibs and oilcloth by the metre can all really help keep the mess under control and make tidying up afterwards quicker and easier.

Happy Crafting and Baking…

Helen xx