Cooking with toddlers can be fun.  It can also be stressful, chaotic and very messy!  It’s a great opportunity for them to learn a number of really useful skills and have fun at the same time.

As part of National Bake for Family Fun month, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite recipes to bake with little ones.  All of them have been chosen as being not only delicious, but fun for little ones and straightforward.  No-one wants a super complicated recipe with little ones ‘helping’!

Sweet Baking Ideas:

Raspberry jam thumbprint cookies

cooking with toddlers jam thumbprints


These look delicious and little ones will love making the thumbprint in the individual biscuits and spooning some jam into the hole – as well as mixing and shaping the dough into little round shapes.

We found these on the Baking Mad blog.  Here’s the full recipe Raspberry Jam Thumbprint Cookies 


Blueberry and Banana Muffins

cooking with toddlers blueberry muffin


Delicious and a good way to sneak some extra goodness into your little one’s diet.  No added sugar too – another bonus…

Here’s the recipe:  No Sugar Added Blueberry and Banana Wholemeal Muffins 

Rock Cakes

cooking with toddlers rock cakes


I used to love making rock cakes as a child.  Super easy and delicious. This recipe is from RainyDayMum – on her website she also has a variation – Space Rock Cakes with added sparkles!

Here’s the recipe:  Simple Rock Cakes 

Easy Apple Crumble

navy splash mat


A very simple recipe from NetMums – only 5 ingredients needed – apples, flour, butter, sugar and oats.

Here’s the recipe:  Easy Apple Crumble 

Simple Shortbread

cooking with toddlers star shortbread

These shortbread biscuits are so easy – just 3 ingredients needed!  They are shaped like stars – so would be a perfect recipe for our Baking Sets, which contain a set of Star shaped cookie cutters (as well as one of our wipe clean aprons and a mini rolling pin)

Simple Shortbread – from Saucepan Kids.

Savoury Baking Ideas:

Little ones can have just as much fun with savoury recipes and is a good way to teach them that fun in the kitchen doesn’t need to involve sugar all the time!

Ham, cheese and spinach muffins

cooking with toddlers spinach muffins

These look delicious and would be great for baby led weaning or to pop in a lunchbox or container as a nutritious snack when out and about.

We found the recipe on – here’s the recipe Ham, Cheese and Spinach Muffins

Tuna meatballs

cooking with toddlers tuna balls

A great way to get little ones helping out with meal preparation.  Just remember to make sure they wash their hands thoroughly before and after helping make the tuna balls!

Here’s the recipe:  Tuna Meatballs

Rainbow omelette cakes

cooking with toddlers - rainbow omelettes


I love the look of these from EatsAmazing.  Full of vegetable goodness and so easy to prepare.  Another great one for baby led weaning:  Rainbow Omelette Cakes

Hedgehog bread rolls

cooking with toddlers - bread rolls

These are a lovely way to start bread making with your little one.  As well as all the mixing involved when making bread, they’ll love crafting their little hedgehogs…

Here’s the recipe:  Hedgehog Bread Rolls

Sweet potato stars

cooking with toddlers - sweet potato stars

A fun and interesting recipe with sweet potato – which is full of goodness.  Our cookie cutters could come in handy with shaping with stars.  Again, really great for baby led weaning.  We found the recipe on Netmums:  Sweet potato stars

I hope this gives you some inspiration for cooking with your little ones.  There will be mess involved – our mats, aprons and oilcloth by the metre can help with all this, but your little one will learn so much from it and will have so much fun.  Hopefully you’ll get a delicious meal or sweet treat at the end of it all!

Happy baking!

Helen x

Thanks to @theoandgrace, @entertaining_elsie and @littlepicklesmom from the photos we’ve shared in this post