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british flagHere at Messy-Me, we are proud to exclusively manufacture in Britain.  This is something which was really important to me when I set up the business and will be as we continue to grow.  I have been approached by retailers and agencies telling me I could bring down my prices by manufacturing abroad.  This is not something I’m willing to consider.  I have a manufacturer here in the UK who has been really good to me – from the early days when I went to them with some scraps of paper and a rubbish prototype (showcasing my very poor sewing skills!), they have been very supportive.  They were willing to produce prototypes for me to try out, make various changes for me and then produce in very small volumes to start with, when my budgets were really tight.   There are very few companies abroad who would have been willing to offer that level of support to a small start up.

If you want to support British manufacturing and buy British, here are a number of websites we love which help promote and grow British brands and British manufacturing:

From Britain with Love – a beautiful website, featuring an online store showcasing some lovely British made products as well as an extensive directory of British companies – ranging from places to stay, things to buy, food to try and courses to inspire you.

Make It British – Kate Hills who runs this website is passionate about supporting British manufacturing.  The website features an extensive directory of brands and companies who manufacture in the UK.  She is also able to help designers find companies who will manufacture in the UK – I wish I’d known about this when I was starting out.

The Brit Pack – A website featuring brands that design and manufacture products in the UK for the family market.  Their website is an online store selling products made in the UK, but they are also working to raise the profile of British made products and make it easier for customers to find and buy British made goods. charts the experiences and thoughts of the Bradshaw family, who in 2013 decided to use, eat and drink only British products.  They have become an important voice for Buying British and their blog covers some interesting issues relating to this topic

Coming up on October 3rd is Buy British Day.  We will be promoting this, with some good offers and competitions and linking up with other British companies to support and raise the profile of British brands and British manufacturing.

Who knows what will happen next week in the Referendum;  whatever the outcome, it can only be a good thing for our country,  to support British brands and small businesses here in the UK.

All Messy Me products are designed and manufactured in the UK.