The Baking Gift Box…

Drum roll please… we’re so excited about the latest addition to the Messy Me Collection…

Our aprons are super popular, particularly at Christmas, so we’ve decided to add a few extra bits to make them an even more exciting present.

The Baking Gift Box includes:

  • One of our lovely wipe clean aprons – all colours and designs are available (Soft Grey Stars, Dusty Pink Dots, Blue Mini Stars, Floral and Classic Red Dots)
  • A mini rolling pin – a perfect size for little hands
  • A set of 5 colourful cookie cutters – in different sizes.  The cutters are silicone food grade and the top of each cutter has a flat ridge so they’re gentle on little hands pressing down on them

All the goodies are then wrapped in tissue paper and packed in a high quality box which is super easy to wrap.

Our mini testers have been busy trying out our Gift Sets:

@theoandgrace have been making Spice Christmas Stars:

“G opened the box and was so excited with her mini kids rolling pin. “ROLLING PIN” see the highlight on our Instagram stories; she so enjoyed opening it. Perfect size for her to use to roll the dough out. The rolling pin is sourced from Tala, the well known cookware company so good quality. The cutters were star shaped and silicone food grade. The best thing about the cutters is getting the mixture of sizes. The top of the cutters has a nice flat ridge which definitely suited G’s star cutting out style. Boom and a slap on the top. The last item in the box was the Messy me oilcloth apron. G loved this as it was a deep red colour. Great unisex colour and spotty print. The tapes are also nice and wide so comfy for little people to wear. G wanted to wear her apron all day, she did even on the school run…A lovely kit and would easily make a great Christmas Eve gift activity or stocking filler” (theoplusgrace) 

Eliza and her little one have been busy baking too, and the set has been included in her gift guide:

baking gift set blue apron

“If your toddler loves to get involved in everything – from cleaning to cooking, you should definitely get them a baking set from Messy Me. My little one was super excited when he opened the box and we already made cookies together twice. The set includes a wipe clean apron, a mini rolling pin and a set of cookie cutters in the shape of stars. I love that the apron is so easy to clean therefore it doesn’t matter if it gets a bit messy in the process. The aprons come in different colours and designs. I’m certain this gift will be much appreciated by many toddlers and it’s the perfect tool to creating many memories and having lots of fun in the kitchen.” (myeverythingbeautiful) 

To see the Gift Guide and find more inspiration for babies and toddlers, please click here 

Our Baking Gift Sets are available to buy here Baking Gift Sets or through Amazon.

Helen x