The Story So Far

Messy Me sells a range of stylish weaning accessories – fully wipe clean and in gorgeous colours and designs to help keep your home looking lovely with messy little ones around…

Messy Me was inspired by my third baby – Florence. We tried baby led weaning with her. She was a dream eater, happy to try anything I put in front of her – but she was very, very messy and desperate to feed herself from very early on. I lost count of the hours I spent cleaning up her high chair and the surrounding areas after EVERY mealtime!

I’m pretty relaxed when it comes to mess and dirt BUT the mess left behind after baby and toddler mealtimes can be quite something…With 2 other children racing around the house, I didn’t have the time or energy to spend ages clearing up after each mealtime…

I searched for products to help with the clearing up process but struggled to find anything I really liked – most of the products either looked (and often were) cheap and poor quality, featured designs chosen to appeal to young children (brightly coloured cartoon animals etc) or just didn’t feel practical (a cushion with a fabric cover which had to be taken off to be washed).  With my little ones making a mess EVERY DAY, I wanted products which would look good in my kitchen and make my life easier – not add to the workload.

Unable to find anything I liked, I set about designing a range of products, which really would make life easier for mums with messy little ones – but would also look lovely in their homes – products they would like looking at.  We will, after all, be feeding our babies so many times over those first few years.

I spent a lot of time sourcing a wipe clean fabric which was high quality, met high safety standards and was available in designs which would appeal to mums, blend with kitchen decor and look gorgeous on little ones.

Little Florence, her cousins Luca and Hugo and some friends road tested my various designs and mock ups and so, Messy Me was born.

We now design and manufacture a range of oilcloth products,  including high chair cushions, splash mats, bibs, aprons and more…. All are made using soft, high quality,  easy clean fabric.   All have been inspired by my experiences as a mum with 3 little ones who loved making a mess – good quality, lovely looking products which really do make clearing up after messy little ones quicker and easier.  

Our products now help busy parents around the world to manage the mess made by their little ones, whilst keeping their homes looking lovely.  We hope our products will help you with your messy little ones too.

About us

Messy Me is a family owned business, set up in based in Farnham .

Where possible, I have tried to use local agencies and freelancers – people with amazing skills looking to juggle some work with spending time with their children or other important aspects of their life.

The Inspiration for Messy Me

Sam – The Original Messy Me baby. It’s now less about food mess and more about mud from rugby matches, smelly kit left lying around and  and leaving clothes lying around wherever he takes them off…

Gabby – Her mess is now more about scattered felt tip pens, glitter, cutting pieces of paper into tiny pieces and cooking

Florence – She still has her messy eating moments  – particularly when eating chocolate biscuits – wanting to pick the chocolate off before eating the main part of the biscuit.  It always amazes me how much mess she can still make!  Other mess involves felt tip pens, glitter, cutting and sticking…