We’ve had some gorgeous sunny days here at  Messy Me HQ, which has inspired us to put together a list of some of our favourite sunny day activities with little ones:


Find a shady spot, unpack a few snacks and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.  Finger foods are generally best for picnics so little ones can graze and play, run around and have fun.  Our splashmats work really well for picnics – they’re very compact when folded so don’t take up much space in your buggy.  Like all our products they are fully wipe clean so a quick shake and wipe with a wet wipe and the mat can be packed away ready for your next adventure

Make a camp

This will probably need some parental involvement to set up but once done, little ones will have lots of fun in their camp – playing with their toys, reading books, having picnics.  All you need is an old sheet and a couple of trees / bushes and some pegs / string to hold up the sheet.  Once you’ve draped the sheet over the bushes / branches to create a roof, little ones can bring their treasures into their camp to play with.  Our mats work well as a floor protection for your mini camp.

Set up a Sprinkler

On really hot days, my little ones LOVED it when the sprinkler came out.  There was so much giggling and laughing , I almost jumped in myself a couple of times.  Just remember the sunscreen before you start – trying to smear suncream on wet bodies is not fun!

Treasure Hunts

My little ones often struggled and moaned when I suggested a walk. Turn it into a treasure hunt and suddenly it becomes WAY more interesting.  Give them a little bag and list of things to look for – anything from feathers, moss, interesting stones, wild flowers, leaves

outdoor play mat

Outdoor Arts and Crafts

On sunny days, why not find a shady spot under a tree and do some arts and crafts outside in the fresh air.  This could be a special craft activity or just a chance to let the children loose with the paints – not having to worry so much about the mess they’ll make.  They could paint pictures or things they’ve found in the garden – stones, rocks, leaves etc.

Not only will the little ones enjoy the change of scenery, the mess will stay outdoors rather than scattered / smeared all over your kitchen!

Our bibs and aprons can help protect clothes during messy arts & crafts sessions.

Water Play

Another great activity for sunny days.  My children all loved splishing and splashing on warm days – either in paddling pools (please keep an eye on little ones at all times when the paddling pool is out and filled) or a simple big bowl of water will work wonders.  Sam, Gabby and Florence  spent many an hour cleaning cars and diggers, washing dolls clothes. playmobil characters – in fact, anything plastic seemed to work well.

Play with Bubbles

Another winner is our household.  Not just for summer but little ones will have lots of fun chasing the bubbles in the fresh air.  Great to take on picnics or to the park / beach.

Make Mud Pies

Can be very messy – but little ones often love doing this!  Definitely an activity for outside!  Our recommendations to avoid complete chaos – take a few bowls filled with water outside.  Fill another bowl with some soil.  Take some spoons.  Find a shady spot if it’s sunny, make sure your little ones are wearing clothes which can get dirty / or not many clothes at all if it’s very warm.  Let them loose with the spoons and soil to create mud pies to their hearts’ content.

* Please watch very little ones to check they’re not eating their creations!

Chalk Art

Another one which allows children to get messy, be very creative yet doesn’t cause lasting damage.  Let your little one unleash their creative side and be a budding artist on the patio / drive with chalk – a quick hose afterwards and your patio will be as good as new (or ready for the next creation)

Alternatively use the chalk to create a hopscotch grid for some energetic jumping and bouncing.

Whatever you choose to do, enjoy the sunshine and warm days with your little ones

Helen x