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Whilst Christmas with little ones can be a magical time – watching their little faces light up with excitement is something I’ll never forget, it can also be a challenging time…  struggling to get over excited little ones to sleep, even earlier mornings. changes to their daily routines, travelling and staying with friends and family who may not have homes which are quite so child friendly… the list goes on.

Here are our 5 top products to help you with your messy little ones this Christmas:

Splashmats:  Great for protecting the floor when travelling and staying with visitors who may not be used to food being thrown / dropped on the floor regularly.  Our mats will give you some peace of mind that carpets and floors won’t be ruined by the stains from mealtime spills and splashes.  They also double up as brilliant mini tablecloths – perfect for protecting your table from Christmassy craft activities.


“we use it three times a day underneath the highchair at every meal, and the peace of mind is a godsend. I don’t where I’d be without it, now!”  Holly, LittlePicklesMom



Clutch bags:  Ideal for keeping your nappy bits and bobs in one place and easily accessible when travelling over Christmas – you never know when an unexpected nappy change will be needed but at least you’ll know you have all your essentials close to hand.  The bags also make a great present for mums with little ones

“I was given the Messy-Me Clutch bag as a new baby gift following my second boy, it’s proved to be a fantastic new baby pressie! Used way more than I ever thought.”  Caroline E




Tunic Bibs: These bibs will last the whole Christmas period – all it takes is a quick wipe after your messy mealtime and they’re ready to be used again.  No need to take a pile of bibs with you or worry about finding a washing machine to keep them clean and hygienic.  Our red star design will add a festive feel to mealtimes for your little one but will last well into 2018.

“roll up small enough to fit in a handbag. If you’re going on holiday, this teeny tiny item will work as a bib for the whole trip”




High Chair Cushions:  If your little one feels comfortable in their high chair, they’re more likely to sit happily with you at the table.   Our range of high chair cushions are all well padded and fully wipe clean – so should help keep your little one happy in their high chair for longer… allowing you more time to enjoy meals with friends and family.

“Fantastic. Fits well in my high chair, easy to clean and comfy for my daughter”  Katie, reviewer





Aprons:  Perfect for Christmas baking and crafting with budding little chefs and artists.  Also lovely as a Christmas present…

“They are beautifully and well made, durable and obviously being made of oil cloth, they are wipe clean – perfect for all types of baking, messy play and craft.”  Gemma, Somewhere After the Rainbow





Wishing you a happy and stress free Christmas with your lovely, messy little ones

Helen x