Father’s Day is coming up soon – on June 16th this year.  Here are some lovely ideas for hand made cards and presents for little ones to make:

Daddy Rocks

fathers day craft

This is Florence’s variation on a couple of Father’s Day craft ideas she found online.  It’s pretty easy, involves different skills and is fun to do:

What you need:

  • White paper plate, paints, paintbrush

What to do:

  • Fold the paper plate in half so the shinier/ coated surface is facing inwards.  Paint different colour stripes around the edge of the plate (most paper plates have grooves to help with this).  Allow the paint to dry, then fingerprint paint marks above each of the paint stripes.  Florence chose to do matching fingerprints and stripes but you could do completely different colours or mix and match the colours used for the stripes.  When the fingerprints are dry, write your message in the middle.  Florence chose to paint ‘Daddy Rocks’ on one side and write another message on the other side.    Allow to dry.
  • Our tip – if the folded plate doesn’t want to stay upright once the paint has dried, put something heavy such as a book on top of the folded plate for a few minutes.  This should help make sure the plate stands up properly and rocks well.  Please just check the paint is properly dry beforehand!

Superhero card

superhero father's day

I love this idea if you’ve got a little one with teeny weeny feet and hands.  A great idea which I’m sure any dad would love!

For details on how to do this, please click here:  Madewithlovebyyou 

Footprint card

father's day footprint

Another great idea for little ones who like footprint painting.  If you want this to be a surprise, borrow Daddy’s welly when he’s not looking!    This could either be done as a poem (as in the link below) or as a big card or picture instead – with or without the poem.

Footprint card – Freekidscrafts.com

Wearing Dad’s clothes

This is a little bit different – it doesn’t involve getting messy for once, but looks like lots of fun. Who didn’t like dressing up when they were little?!   A lovely, fun memory which will make the little ones laugh in years to come!

We found this idea on Pinterest – lifewithfingerprints

Moon & Back

Back to messy craft ideas again now, this one is for little ones who love cutting and sticking… This yellow part of this rocket opens up, so you can write a surprise message inside.

For full details, the template and lots of pictures of the craft in progress, click here:  Moonandback

Have fun and Happy Father’s Day!

Helen x