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A recent testimonial about our Messy Mats said

“You don’t need to use the mat just for feeding as it’s so versatile…”

This got us thinking here at Messy Me HQ about the different ways in which our Messy Mats have been used by customers.  Here are our top 10:

Mat for catching food spills and splashes under high chairs

Initially designed to catch food bits dropped from high chairs, it’s large enough (90 x 120cms) to cover a good area under the high chair – protecting floors and carpets.  By using high quality oilcloth, the mat is more likely to stay in place and is very unlikely to rip or split whilst in use.

“the mat has saved our carpet because like most babies, Freddie loves to throw his food on the floor”

“the Messy Me mat is a really good size and covers the floor beneath the high chair, Archie hasn’t yet been able to throw any food beyond the mat!”

Mini tablecloth to catch food spills and splashes

Our mats work well as a way to protect the table around your messy little eater.

craft matArts and Crafts Mat

One of its most popular uses…Being high quality, our mats will last well beyond the days of messy weaning.   They then become a great way to protect floors and tables when crafting with budding little artists – either on the table, under an easel, on the floor – wherever your little one wants to be creative!

“I don’t want them to feel restricted in their creativity by me wiping up after them, so by having the mat out, they can play and create in peace and I just simply give it a wipe clean before we tidy it away – perfect” 

Floor Mat when baking with little ones

When my little ones were little, I never thought to use the mat for baking – but think it’s a genius idea.  No more worrying that your little one is going to topple of the chair she’s standing on whilst cooking with you.  Cooking fun and games can now take place on the floor well away from sharp objects and hot surfaces and little ones can stir, mix, knead and sprinkle to their hearts’ content!

Picnic Mat

With the sun now shining, it’s the perfect time for meals and snacks outside  with little ones.  Our mats are very compact when folded, so are easy to transport when out and about.  They’re fully wipe clean so any picnic leftovers can be shaken off and wiped away quickly and easily when the picnic’s over.

Outdoor Play Mat

Our mats are also being used as outdoor play mats now the weather has improved.  Perfect to place under a shady tree with some toys so your little one can have fun in the fresh air without worrying about itchy legs from the grass etc.

Beach Mat

Again, these sunny days have reminded us the mats work really well as beach mats – compact, so they don’t take up much space in your beach bag, they’ll keep your little one feeling more comfortable on sandy beaches.  Just shake the sand off and give the mat a quick wipe down when you’re done

Snack mat

Sometimes your little one won’t want to go in their high chair at snack time or may want a change of scenery.  The mats work well as a hygienic surface for your little one to sit and eat their snacks (assuming the mat has been wiped clean!) – it’s doesn’t matter if the snacks fall onto the mat, they’ll still be safe to eat.

Our mats have recently been used to host a pizza party for a little girl and her friends and work well when having an indoor picnic on cold or rainy days when outdoor picnics just aren’t an option.

‘Peace of mind when travelling’ Mat

This has been mentioned in quite a few reviews and testimonials.  Little ones will be messy wherever they are eating and this can be stressful when you’re visiting relatives or travelling – the people you are staying with, may well not be as used to the mealtime mess…

  • “It has come with us to friends’ houses so Ted can eat without ruining their floors”
  • “It came in handy on our recent cottage holiday as it meant I didn’t have to worry as much about her making a mess on the beautiful wood flooring”

no nappy matNo nappy time mat

I always used to let my little ones have some ‘no nappy time’ before bath time – they used to love it and the fresh air helped to keep nappy rash at bay.  Our mats have been used for no nappy time – just remember to give them a very good wipe clean with an antibacterial spray afterwards!





Our messy mats should last WAY  longer than the messy weaning days, so we hope this blog gives you some ideas on how to keep using your Messy Mat once mealtimes have become slightly less messy!  Click here to view our latest collection:  Splashmats 

We’d love to hear how you use your messy mat…

Bye for now

Helen x

A big thank you to Michelle at, Anna at, Katy at and Emma at for the lovely photos and their reviews of our mats.